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Title: Chromosomal Aberrations and Bence-Jones Proteins as a Significant Biomarkers in Multiple Myeloma
Authors: Krstevska balkanov, Svetlana 
Trajkova, Sanja 
Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra 
Spasovski, Dejan 
Ridova, Nevenka
Kalcev, Goce
Panovska Stavridis, Irina 
Keywords: multiple myeloma
Bence-Jones protein
chromosomal aberrations
molecular analysis
Issue Date: May-2022
Journal: Letters in Applied NanoBioScience
Abstract: Abstract: Multiple Myeloma (MM) is a hematological malignity associated with the proliferation and accumulation of bone marrow terminally differentiated plasma cells. The outcomes of patients with MM have dramatically improved over the past decade with the establishment of novel agents. Nonetheless, the disease presents considerable heterogeneity in clinical course, presentation, and survival. Molecular and chromosomal analyses were performed on 46 patients with MM. The survival time of patients with MM concerning molecular and chromosome stratification showed that 20% of them were with high risk [hypodiploid (gain1q, loss1p) Del17p, Del13q, t(11;14) t(4;14) and multiple mutations] who survived 60 months and the median survival time in these patients was 20.8 months. In patients with MM who had a standard risk, death outcome was not registered during the observation period. Taking into account, all MM patients included in our study, Bence Jones proteins in the urine wеre present in 35.8% of ММ patients, while in 64.2%, their presence was not observed. The percentage difference is statistically significant The utilization of these crucial biomarkers in the clinical background for this disease in the future can only be achieved through thorough evaluation and validation in clinical trials.
ISSN: 2284-6808
DOI: 10.33263/LIANBS123.074
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