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1Bone Marrow Transplantation Journal 46(1).png.jpg10-year experience in the treatment of multiple myeloma with autologous stem cell transplantationStojanoski, Zlate ; Genadieva stavrikj, Sonja ; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Ivanovski, Martin; Karanfilski, Oliver ; Krstevska balkanov, Svetlana ; Trajkova, Sanja ; Dukovski, Dushko; CHevrevska, Lidija ; Georgievski, Borche 2011Proceeding article
2Acute Graft Versus Host Disease in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Alotransplant RecipientsKrstevska, Svetlana ; Genadieva Stavric, Sonja ; Pivkova, Aleksandra ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Georgievski, Borche ; Balkanov, Trajan 2011Article
3ADMINISTRATION OF G-CSF AND CHEMOTHERAPY IN PATIENTS WITH LYMPHOMA AND MYELOMA OPTIMIZED SUCCESSFUL MOBILIZATION OF HEMATOPOETIC PROGENITOR CELLS FOR AUTOLOGOUS BLOOD STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATIONGenadieva stavrikj, Sonja ; CHevrevska, Lidija ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Krstevska balkanov, Svetlana ; Karanfilski, Oliver ; Georgievski, Borche 2007Proceeding article
4Bone Marrow Transplantation Journal 46(1).png.jpgAdverse events related to PBPC collection and mobilization for autologous transplantation in 10 years’ experience: procedures, efficiency, variables related to collection and safety profilePivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Genadieva Stavrikj, Sonja ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Chevrevska, Lidija ; Krstevska Balkanov, Svetlana ; Trajkova, Sanja ; Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Georgievski, Borche 2011Proceeding article
5AML-259: Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Single Center ExperienceChadievski, Lazar ; Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Dukovski, Dusko; Cevreska, Lidija; Georgievski, Borche ; Trajkova, Sanja; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra Sep-2020Proceeding article
6Antifungal Prophylaxis In Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant RecipientsStojanoski, Zlate ; Pivkova, Aleksandra ; Genadieva-Stavrik, Sonja ; Cevreska, Lidija; Petrovska, Milena ; Georgievski, Borche 1-Sep-2008Article
7Antimycotic prophylaxis in stem cell recipients – single center expirienceStojanoski, Zlate ; Cevreska Lidija; Genadieva Stavrik, Sonja ; Pivkova, Aleksandra ; Ivanovski Martin; Karanfilski, Oliver ; Georgievski, Borche Sep-2007Proceeding article
8Assesment of non-relapse mortality (NRM) and long-term survival after autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) in patients with lymphoproliferative diseasesPivkova Veljanovska, A ; Genadieva Stavrik, S ; Stojanoski, Z ; Chaparoska, D ; Cevreska, L; Georgievski, B 2012Article
9Bone Marrow Transplantation Journal 46(1).png.jpgAssessment of symptom burden in patients undergoing autologous stem cell transplantationPivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Genadieva stavrikj, Sonja ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; CHevrevska, Lidija ; Krstevska balkanov, Svetlana ; Georgievski, Borche 2011Proceeding article
10Association of Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor Genes with the Graft versus Host Disease after Related Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients with Haematological Malignancies from Republic of MacedoniaAleksandar Petlichkovski ; Zlate Stojanoski ; Eli Djulejic; Borce Georgievski ; Mirko Spiroski15-Dec-2012Article
11Autologous Hematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation as An Intensive Consolidation Therapy for Adult Patients in Remission from Acute Myeloid LeukemiaGenadieva-Stavrik, Sonja G ; Pivkova, Alexandra ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Krstevska balkanov, Svetlana ; Georgievski, Borche 19-Nov-2010Proceeding article
12abstract Prilozi.jpg.jpgAutologous stem-cell transplantation in patients with multiple myelomaZ. Stojanoski ; B. Georgievski ; L. Cevreska; A. Stojanovic; A. Pivkova ; S. Genadieva Stavric ; S. Stankovic ; A. Stojanovska Karadzova2008Article
1320221027_184426.jpg.jpgBCR-ABL transcripts are not expressed in essential thrombocytemia.Panovska I ; Crcareva A; Pavkovic M ; Siljanovski N; Cevreska L ; Georgievski B ; Efremov DG2001Proceeding article
14poster BSH004 i BSH005.jpg.jpgBondronat is essential accesory treatment in multiple myeloma with negligible side effectsSvetlana Stankovic ; Lidija Cevreska; Tatjana Smilevska; Aleksandar Stojanovic; Oliver Karanfilski ; Borce Georgievski ; Arif Ljatifi2006Proceeding article
15C-Reactive Protein Monitoring Predicts Early Complications Following Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation in AML Patients–Center ExperiencePivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Chadievski, Lazar ; Trajkova, Sanja ; Labachevska-Popova, Marija; Ridova, Nevenka ; Krstevska balkanov, Svetlana ; Cevreska, Lidija; Georgievski, Borche Sep-2019Proceeding article
16Bone Marrow Transplantation Journal 46(1).png.jpgCan we recognize clinical parameters which are associated with occurrence and severity of graft-versus host disease?Krstevska Balkanov, Svetlana ; Genadieva Stavrikj, Sonja ; Pivkova Veljanovska, Aleksandra ; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Georgievski, Borche 2011Proceeding article
17poster BSH006.jpg.jpgA case report of a patient with TTP in coma-Is plasma exchange essential for restoration?Svetlana Stankovic ; Oliver Karanfilski ; Tatjana Smilevska; Aleksandar Stojanovic; Borce Georgievski ; Aleksandra Pivkova ; Lidija Cevreska2006Proceeding article
18Chronic Graft-Versus Host Disease - Single Center ExperienceStojanoski, Zlate ; Pivkova, Aleksandra ; Krstevska balkanov, Svetlana ; Jovanovikj, Rubens ; Gocev, Georgi; Genadieva-Stavrik, Sonja ; Cevreska, Lidija; Georgievski, Borche 1-Sep-2008Article
1920221027_184443.jpg.jpgChronic myeloid leukemia patients with the b3/a2 transcript have significantly higher platelet counts at diagnosis.Panovska I ; Georgievski B ; Cevreska L ; Siljanovski N; Pavkovic M ; Hadzi-Pecova L; Crcareva A; Pivkova A ; Efremov DG2002Proceeding article
20Citomegalovirusna infekcija kaj recipient na maticni hematopoetski kletkiStojanoski, Zlate ; Georgievski, Borche ; Genadieva stavrikj, Sonja ; Pivkova, Aleksandra ; Karadzova-Stojanoska Anzelika; Cevreska Lidija Jan-2012Article