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Ristov, Sashko
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1Application for modern energy efficient data centerIvanovska, Bisera; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan ; Jakimovski, Boro Nov-2014Proceeding article
2Cloud computing security in business information systemsKostoska, Magdalena ; Gushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko 5-Apr-2012Journal Article
3Computing as a new compulsory subject in the Macedonian primary schools curriculumJovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil ; Mihova, Marija ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan Apr-2016Proceeding article
4CPU utilization in a multitenant cloudVelkoski, Goran ; Simjanoska, Monika ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan Jul-2013Article
5CPU utilization while scaling resources in the CloudGushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko ; Simjanoska, Monika ; Velkoski, Goran 2013Article
6Does the Performance Scale the Same as the Cost in the CloudSimjanoska, Monika ; Velkoski, Goran ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan Jan-2013Article
7e-Assessment cloud solution: Architecture, organization and cost modelArmenski, Goce ; Gushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko ; Velkoski, Goran ; Bozinoski, Krste31-Jan-2013Article
8EDUCacheIC: Interactive and Collaborative Successor of the EDUCache SimulatorRistov, Sashko ; Atanasovski, Blagoj; Anchev, Nenad; Gushev, Marjan 25-Sep-2013Proceeding article
9Generative Modelling and Classification of Students' E-Learning and E-Assessment ResultsSimjanoska, Monika ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan May-2014Article
10Intel vs AMD: Matrix Multiplication PerformanceAnchev, Nenad; Gushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko ; Atanasovski, Blagoj20-May-2013Proceeding article
11Intelligent student profiling for predicting e-Assessment outcomesSimjanoska, Monika ; Gushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana Apr-2014Article
12L3B: Low level load balancer in the cloudSimjanoska, Monika ; Ristov, Sashko ; Velkoski, Goran ; Gushev, Marjan Jul-2013Article
13Machine learning approach for performance based cloud pricing modelSimjanoska, Monika ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan Oct-2013Article
14Machine Learning Based Classification of Multitenant Configurations in the CloudSimjanoska, Monika ; Velkoski, Goran ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan 2013Article
15Massive Development of E-Testing QuestionsRistov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan ; Armenski, Goce 1-Dec-2015Journal Article
16MMCacheSim: A Highly Configurable Matrix Multiplication Cache SimulatorRistov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan ; Anchev, Nenad; Atanasovski, BlagojSep-2012Proceeding article
17A new cloud services portability platformKostoska, Magdalena ; Gushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko 1-Jan-2014Journal Article
18On the convergence of the eigrp routing protocolSpasov, Dejan ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan Sep-2009Proceeding article
19Optimal Resource Allocation to Host Web Services in CloudGushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko ; Velkoski, Goran ; Simjanoska, Monika Jun-2013Article
20P-TOSCA Portability of SOA ApplicationsKostoska, Magdalena ; Gushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko ; Donevski, Aleksandar20-May-2015Proceeding article