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Stankov, Emil
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1Application of Data Mining Methods for Classification of Student Results from Conveying an ECTS Faculty CourseStankov, Emil ; Jovanov, Mile ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana2011Proceeding article
2CIIT 2011_Application of Data Mining Methods for Classification of Results from Conveying an ECTS Faculty Course.pdf.jpgApplication of Data Mining Methods for Classification of Student Results from Conveying an ECTS Faculty CourseStankov, Emil ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana ; Jovanov, Mile 2011Proceeding article
3Computing as a new compulsory subject in the Macedonian primary schools curriculumJovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil ; Mihova, Marija ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan Apr-2016Proceeding article
4Cost-effective website failover through a CDN network and asynchronous replicationKostadinov, Bojan; Jovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil Jul-2017Proceeding article
5Creating Effective Quizzes by Balancing the Distribution of Question TypesIlijoski, Bojan ; Popeska, Zaneta ; Stankov, Emil Mar-2018Proceeding article
6Creation of educational games — Project based learning in e-Learning systems courseJovanov, Mile ; Ilijoski, Bojan ; Stankov, Emil ; Armenski, Goce Apr-2017Proceeding article
7A decade of engineering computer engineersJovanov, Mile ; Ackovska, Nevena ; Stankov, Emil ; Mihova, Marija ; Gushev, Marjan Apr-2017Proceeding article
8DEMAx Tool Based on an Improved Model for Semiautomatic C/C++ Source Code AssessmentAngelovski, Damjan; Stankov, Emil ; Jovanov, Mile 16-Apr-2021Proceeding article
9Different approaches for making the initial selection of talented students in programming competitionsKostadinov, Bojan; Jovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil ; Mihova, Marija ; Risteska Stojkoska, Biljana10-Jul-2015Journal Article
10Different types of teamwork projects in learning Multimedia technologiesMihova, Marija ; Jovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil Apr-2014Proceeding article
11OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS 2013_EMAx Software for C++ Source Code Analysis.pdf.jpgEMAx: Software for C++ source code analysisStankov, Emil ; Jovanov, Mile ; Bojchevski, Aleksandar; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana Jul-2013Journal Article
13Improving the accuracy of the code complexity calculation for automatically generated tasks with programming codesStankov, Emil ; Jovanov, Mile ; Andonov, Jovan; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana Apr-2016Proceeding article
14CIIT 2012_2.pdf.jpgInformatics in Primary and Secondary Schools: Revisions in Macedonian EducationJovanov, Mile ; Mihova, Marija ; Stankov, Emil ; Ackovska, Nevena 2012Proceeding article
15Introduction of “Honorable Mention“ Award at the International Olympiad in InformaticsJovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil 1-Dec-2020Journal Article
16Maximal Level Minimal Path Vectors of a Two-Terminal Undirected NetworkMihova, Marija ; Stojkovikj, Natasha; Jovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil Mar-2016Journal Article
17OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS 2018_New Approach for Comparison of Countries' Achievements in Science Olympiads.pdf.jpgNew Approach for Comparison of Countries’ Achievements in Science OlympiadsJovanov, Mile ; Mihova, Marija ; Kostadinov, Bojan; Stankov, Emil Sep-2018Journal Article
18CIIT 2017_A New Collection of Educational Scratch Projects Produced by Computer Science Students.pdf.jpgA New Collection of Educational Scratch Projects Produced by Computer Science StudentsJovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil ; Ilijoski, Bojan 2017Proceeding article
19ICT Innovations 2010_submission_48.pdf.jpgA New Design of a System for Contest Management and Grading in Informatics CompetitionsKostadinov, Bojan; Jovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil Sep-2010Proceeding article
20A new model for collaborative learning of programming using source code similarity detectionStankov, Emil ; Jovanov, Mile ; Kostadinov, Bojan; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana Mar-2015Proceeding article