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Acta ophtalmologica-Refractive errors in children and young adults with Down syndrome.pdf.jpgRefractive errors in children and young adults with Down's syndromeLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2011Journal Article
GZ59.44. Rett Sy.pdf.jpgRett-ов синдромТрајковски, Владимир 2006Journal Article
135-137-Vladimir Trajkovski-Prikaz na kniga na A.Lakoski-1999.pdf.jpg[review] Анастас Лакоски, ПсихогенетикаТрајковски, Владимир 1999Article
193-194-Vladimir Trajkovski-Prikaz na kniga na G.Ajdinski.pdf.jpg[review] Горан Ајдински, Карактеристики во развојот кај лесно ментално ретардираните ученициТрајковски, Владимир 2000Article
Risk Factors in Adult Myopia in MacedoniaLjubic, Antonela; Dimitrova, Galina; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Stankovic, Branislav; Djordjievska, Ana7-May-2024Journal Article
01.(str.5-15)-Vladimir-Trajkovski-editorial.pdf.jpgThe role of article level metrics in scientific publishingTrajkovski, Vladimir 2016Journal Article
V.Trajkovski-Savremene tendencije u tretmanu autizma-BG-maj-2009.pdf.jpgSavremene tendencije u tretmanu autističnog spektra poremećajaTrajkovski, Vladimir 2009Proceeding article
04-Vlado Trajkovski-Blagorodna Grozdanovska-medicinski tretman.pdf.jpgSequelae of Acute Bacterial Meningitis in Patients Treated at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions in SkopjeГроздановска, Благородна; Трајковски, Владимир 2005Journal Article
7-24_Rashikj-Trajkovski-seksualna edukacija-2009-1-2.pdf.jpgSex Education of Persons with DisabilitiesRashikj, Olivera ; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2009Journal Article
Seksualna zloupotreba na licata so MR-Rashich-Trajkovski-JSER-2006.pdf.jpgSexual Abuse of People with Mental RetardationRashikj, Olivera ; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2006Journal Article
55-66-Aleksandar-Vladimir.pdf.jpgSexual Education for Persons with Intellectual DisabilitiesКаранфилоски, Александар; Трајковски, Владимир 2008Journal Article
Sexual Education of Persons with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Use of the Technique: ‘Social StoriesStankova, Tanja; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2020Journal Article
Troshanska-Trajkovski-Stages of comunication in children with autism-Ohrid conference-2013.pdf.jpgStages of communication in children with autismTroshanska, Jasmina; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2014Proceeding article
Stakeholders’ views on barriers and facilitators of optimal support of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in MacedoniaVasilevska Petrovska, Ivana; Petrevska, Natalija; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2021Journal Article
Ljubic,Trajkovski,Stankovic-Ophtalmic Genetics.pdf.jpgStrabismus, refractive errors and nystagmus in children and young adults with Down syndromeLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Stankovic, Branislav2011Journal Article
Cakalaroski, Trajkovski V et al. Nephron-1998.pdf.jpgSuccessful Transitory External Cardiac Electrostimulation in a Patient with Excessive Hyperkalemia and BradycardiaČakalaroski, Kocho; Ivanovski, Ninoslav; Ristovska, Vesna; Tozija, Lile; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Neškovski, Jovan; Polenaković, Momir1998Journal Article
Supporting pupils with autism spectrum disorder in educational settingsTrajkovski, Vladimir 21-Nov-2022Proceeding article
Supporting-social-skills-and-positive-parenting-web-mobile.pdf.jpgSupporting social skills and positive parenting: manual for parents of children with autism spectrum conditions and professionals in their circle of supportTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Vasilevska Petrovska, Ivana2020Monograph
Systemic and Ophthalmic Manifestations in Different Types of Refractive Errors in Patients with Down SyndromeLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Stankovic, Branislav; Tojtovska, Biljana ; Langmann, Andrea; Dimitrova, Galina; Jovanovic, Ivana; Tesic, Milorad26-Jul-2022Journal Article
Systemic and Ophthalmic Manifestations in Different Types ofRefractive Errors in Patients with Down SyndromeLjubic,Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Stankovic, Branislav; Tojtovska, Biljana ; Langmann, Andrea; Dimitrova, Galina; Jovanovic, Ivana; Tesic, Milorad22-Jul-2022Journal Article