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Trud-26.pdf.jpgAnti-inflammatory properties of L. casei loaded whey protein-alginate microparticles in animal model of colitisSmilkov, K.; Dodov, M.G.; Hadzieva, J.; Pavlova, M.J.; Ivanoska, T.P.; Ristoski, Trpe ; Gjurovski, I; Tozi, L.P.; Mladenovska, Kristina 2014
Trud-33.pdf.jpgAnti-inflammatory properties of synbiotic loaded chitosan-Ca-alginate microparticles in animal model of colitisPetreska Ivanovska, T.; Zhivikj, Z.; Pavlova, M. J.; Glavas Dodov, M.; Ristoski, T.; Gjurovski, I.; Petrushevska-Tozi, L.; Mladenovska, Kristina 2015
Trud-6.pdf.jpgBiodistribution of [131I]-5-Aminosalicylic acid loaded chitosan-Ca-alginate microparticles after peroral application to Wistar ratswith TNBS colitis.Mladenovska, Kristina ; Renata S. Raicki; Janevik E. I.; Ristoski, Trpe ; Pavlova Maja J.; Glavas M. D.; Banev S.; Goracinova K.2006
Trud-7.pdf.jpgColon-specific delivery of 5-aminosalicylic acid from chitosan-Ca-alginate microparticles.Mladenovska, Kristina ; Renata S; Raicki, E.; Janevik I.; Ristoski, Trpe ; Pavlova Maja J.; Dodov M. G.; Goracinova K.2007
Trud-40.pdf.jpgHistopathological and immunohistochemical examibation on the colon of rats with TNBS-induced colitis after administration of functional food containing microencapsulated synbioticGjurovski, I.; Petreska-Ivanovska, T; Ristoski, Trpe ; Petrushevska-Tozi, L; Mladenovska, Kristina ; Kostadinova-Kunovska, S2016
Trud-31.pdf.jpgPathological changes of colon in the TNBS model of colitis in rats treated by functional food containing probiotic/synbiotic formulationIvanovska, T. P.; Gjorgoski, I; Pavlova, M. J.; Tozi, L. P.; Ristoski, T.; Mladenovska, Kristina 2014