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Gjorgjievska Kalina
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Gjorgjievska, Kalina
Kalina Gjorgjievska
K Gjorgjievska
Gjorgjievska K
Milosevska Kalina
Miloshevska Kalina
K Miloshevska
Georgievska K
GJorgjievska Kalina
GJorgjievska K
Gjorgjievska, Kalina
GJorgjievska, Kalina
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1203 Partial nephrectomy compared to total unilateral nephrectomy slows down atherosclerosis progression in apolipoprotein E deficient miceIvanovski, O. ; Nikolov, I. G. ; Davceva, O.; Gjorgjievska, K. ; Petrushevska, G. Mar-2013Proceeding article
2Clearance of vancomycin calculated according to different formulas and their influence against different pharmacokinetic parametersPetrovski, Ognen ; Spirovska, Tatjana; Stojanoski, Zlate ; Zendelovska, Dragica ; Zdravkovska, Milka; Slaninka-Miceska, Maja; Zafirov, Dimce ; Gjoshevska Dashtevska, Emilija ; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Gjorgjievska, Kalina ; Labachevski, Nikola 2015Article
365_1_002.pdf.jpgComparative, single-dose bioavailability study of two 500 mg clarithromycin tablet formulations in healthy volunteers under fasting conditionLabachevski, Nikola ; Zafirov, Dimche ; Trojachanec, Jasmina ; Jakjovski, Krume ; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Kalina Gjorgjievska ; Kolovcevski Nikola; Labachevski Bojan; Svinarov Dobrin2019Article
4Comparative, Single-Dose, 2-Way Cross-Over Bioavailability Study of Two Olanzapine 10 Mg Tablet Formulations in Healthy Volunteers Under Fasting ConditionsAtanasovska, Emilija ; Jakjovski, Krume ; Pavlovska, Kristina ; Gjorgjievska, Kalina ; Zafirov, Dimche ; Zendelovska, Dragica ; Petrushevska, Marija ; Labachevski, Nikola 13-Jul-2022Article
5Compared With Radical Nephrectomy, Nephron-sparing Partial Nephrectomy Protects Apolipoprotein E-deficient Mice From Atherosclerosis ProgressionIvanovski, Ognen ; Nikolov, Igor G ; Davceva, Olivera; Gjorgjievska, Kalina ; Janevska, Vesna ; Petrushevska, Gordana May-2015Article
6COVID-19 disease induced alteration of oxidative stress and clinical laboratory parameters in moderate and severe patientsZendelovska, Dragica ; Petrushevska, Marija ; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Spasovska, Katerina ; Gjorgjievska, Kalina ; Pavlovska, Kristina ; Grozdanovski, Krsto Aug-2022Article
7Determination of Acyclovir in Human Plasma Samples by HPLC Method with UV Detection: Application to Single-Dose Pharmacokinetic StudyZendelovska, Dragica ; Simeska, Suzana; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Gjorgjievska, Kalina ; Kikerkov, Igor ; Labachevski, Nikola ; Jakjovski, Krume ; Balkanov, Trajan 15-Mar-2015Article
8Different treatment of the femoral neck fracturesSaveski A ; Trajanovski A; Karapandzevska S; Gjorgjievska K ; Bozinovska B; Manasieva M; Georgieva D 2022Article
9document.pdf.jpgDIFFERENTIAL EFFECTS OF PEROXISOME PROLIFERATORACTIVATOR RECEPTOR (PPAR) ALPHA AND GAMMA AGONISTS ON BODY WEIGHT AND ADIPOSE DEPOTS IN FRUCTOSE FED WISTAR RATSAtanasovska, Emilija ; Pavlovska, Kristina ; Jakjovski, Krume ; Gjorgjievska K ; Zendelovska, Dragica ; Petrushevska, Marija ; Ahmeti, Irfan ; Zafirov, Dimche ; Labachevski, Nikola 2018Article
10physioacta 2015 effect of Lcasei on.jpg.jpgEffect of probiotic L casei-01 fermented soy milk on systolic blood pressure of spontaneously hypertensive ratsJurhar Pavlova, Maja ; Mladenovska, K ; Panovski, N ; Gjorgjievska, K ; Kikerkov, I ; Cekovska, S ; Petrovska, M 2015Article
11Physio2014Kalina.jpg.jpgEffect of salt loading on blood pressure and specific hypertension target organs in spontaneously hypertensive rats.Gjorgjievska, Kalina ; Zafirov, Dimche ; Jurhar Pavlova, Maja ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Petrushevska, Marija ; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Pavlovska, Kristina ; Zendelovska, Dragica ; Trojachanec, Jasmina 2014Article
12Effects of Dual RAAS Blockade with Candesartan and Perindopril on Functional Renal Tests in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic NephropathyTrojachanec, Jasmina ; Zafirov, Dimche ; Jakjovski, Krume ; Gjorgjievska, Kalina ; Trojachanec, Plamen ; Labachevski, Nikola 15-Sep-2013Article
13EFFECTS OF VALSARTAN AND AMLODIPINE ON PROINFLAMMATORY CYTOKINES SERUM CONCENTRATIONS IN SALT LOADED SPONTANEOUSLY HYPERTENSIVE RATSGjorgjievska, Kalina ; Trajkov, Dejan ; Zafirov, Dimche ; Petlichkovski, Aleksandar ; Jakjovski, Krume ; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Petrushevska, Marija ; Pavlovska, Kristina ; Sibinovska, Olgica ; Zendelovska, Dragica 2018Proceeding article
14Effects of Valsartan vs Amlodipin on renal function in salt loaded spontaneously hypertensive ratsGjorgjievska, Kalina ; Zafirov, Dimche ; Jurhar Pavlova, Maja ; Cekovska, Svetlana 2014Article
15Hematological Findings and Alteration of Oxidative Stress Markers in Hospitalized Patients with SARS-COV-2Gjorgjievska, Kalina ; Petrushevska, Marija ; Zendelovska, Dragica ; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Spasovska, Katerina ; Stevanovikj, Milena; Grozdanovski, Krsto 13-Jul-2022Article
16High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for Direct Determination of Diazepam in Whole Blood and Serum - Optimization of Solid-Phase Extraction MethodZendelovska, Dragica ; Pavlovska, Kristina ; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Kalina Gjorgjievska ; Petrushevska, Marija 1-Dec-2017Article
17Importance of 6-Thioguanine Nucleotide Metabolite Monitoring in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients Treated with AzathioprinePavlovska, Kristina ; Petrushevska, Marija ; Kalina Gjorgjievska ; Zendelovska, Dragica ; Ribarska, Jasmina Tonic; Kikerkov, Igor ; Labachevska Gjatovska, Liljana ; Atanasovska, Emilija 1-May-2019Article
18A New Solid-Phase Extraction Method for Determination of Pantoprazole in Human Plasma Using High-Performance Liquid ChromatographyZendelovska, Dragica ; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Kalina Gjorgjievska ; Pavlovska, Kristina ; Jakjovski, Krume ; Zafirov, Dimche ; Trojachanec, Jasmina 15-Jun-2019Article
19physioacta2014Pattern of hipertension.jpg.jpgThe pattern of development of hypertension in a new colony of SHRs.Jurhar Pavlova, Maja ; Mladenovska, Kristina ; Panovski, Nikola ; Kuzmanovska, A; Gjorgjievska, Kalina ; Slaninka Miceska, Maja ; Petrovska, Milena 2014Article
20Protective Effects of At1-Receptor Blocker and Ca Antagonist Combination on Renal Function in Salt Loaded Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats/ Протективни Ефекти На Комбинацијата На Ат1 Рецепторен Блокатор И Калциум Антагонист Врз Реналната Функција Кај Спонтано Хипертензивни Стаорци Оптоварени Со СолGjorgjievska, Kalina ; Zafirov, Dimche ; Jurhar Pavlova, Maja ; Cekovska, Svetlana ; Atanasovska, Emilija ; Pavlovska, Kristina ; Zendelovska, Dragica 1-May-2015Article