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Title: „Evaluation of longitudinal roughness of pavement surface on the highway and city roads“
Authors: Mijoski G., Stoimenov P.
Keywords: longitudinal roughness, international roughness index – IRI, pavement surface
Issue Date: Feb-2012
Conference: 4-th Internacionalni naucno-strucni skup „GNP 2012“ – Zabljak, Republika Crna Gora
Abstract: The roughness of the pavement surfaces is one of the main indicators for usability of pavement surfaces, from aspect of fast, safe and comfortable transport. For that purpose, in the paper we analyzed the method and the causes for creation of the longitudinal unevennesses on the pavement surface at the highway sections. We analyzed the effects, criteria and types of measurement, such as the evaluation of the condition of the pavement surface. Also, there are recommendations for achieving the longitudinal roughness of the pavement surface on the highways, which came out from the analysis of the results from the experiment.
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