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Title: Statistical process control with the help of international staistical standards
Authors: Bucevska, Vesna 
Keywords: quality, statistical process control (SPC), ISO international standards, computer decision support system
Issue Date: Nov-2001
Publisher: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica
Conference: The 2nd research/expert conference with international participation “Quality 2001”, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 08-09 November 2001
Abstract: Statistical process control (SPC) is a collection of statistical techniques and control algorithms that are used to improve the performance of a process, and to reduce variation of final product parameters. The methods of SPC are used to control variation in a manipulated process input variable or in an in-process product parameter that is correlated with a final product parameter. Since the pioneering work of Walter A. Shewhart in the 1920s many techniques of SPC have been proposed. Some of them have acquired wide recognition and have been incorporated in international standards. Observations of industrial practice show that SPC methods are sometimes used in an inappropriate way. Therefore, the promotion of internationally recognised standards seems to be of great importance. The aim of this paper is to present some of the SPC methods that are described in the international ISO standards. When there is a need to design more effective procedures, the computer decision support system, which is developed under the framework of COPERNICUS CP93:12074 project by the team of specialists from Germany and Poland, can be used.
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