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Stiffness Characteristics Modelling of RC Frame Structures According to Eurocode 8Lazarov, Ljupco; Todorov, Koce 2010Journal Article
Approach for preparation of database for instabilities in Republic of MacedoniaKapricheski Pavel, Jovanovski Milorad, Peshevski Igor2010Proceedings
Methodology for definition of slope protection measures in hard rock masses and cost for executionЈovanovski Мilorad, Zileska-Pancovska Valentina, Peshevski Igor, Dimitrov Blasko, Zafirovski Zlatko2010Proceedings
Engineering geological properties of gipsite terrains trough the example of the right bank of bridge ”Melnicki”-DebarPeshevski Igor, Milorad Jovanovski, Gapkovski Naum2010Proceedings
Дводимензионално и тродимензионално моделирање на брана КнежевоКокаланов, Ѓ.; Митоски, С.; Марковска, С.; Маневска, К.May-2010Proceeding article
2010 - 664.pdf.jpgIndustrial and Storm Water Treatment and Recirculation Reuse in Feni Industry - KavadarciPetko Pelivanoski; Zivko Veljanoski; Goce Taseski; Aleksandar Maletik25-May-2010
Implementation of Interaction Matrix Method in Solid Waste Landfill EngineeringJovanovski Milorad, Donevska Katerina, Peshevski IgorSep-2010Proceedings
Impact of the joint construction on the behavior of trusses, Partikov M, Cvetanovski P, Popovski D.pdf.jpgImpact of the joint construction on the behavior of trussesMile Partikov; Petar Cvetanovski; Denis Popovski2011Proceeding article
Calculation of cross-section classes to Eurocode 9, Popovski D, Filipovski A, Partikov M.pdf.jpgCalculation of cross-section classes to Eurocode 9Denis Popovski; Atanas Filipovski; Mile Partikov2011Proceeding article
Metodology for definition of genuine calculation model for existing structures by ambient vibration measurementsDumova-Jovanoska, E; Markovski, G; Churilov, S; Sereci, A. M; Mihajlovik, T; Atanasovski, S2011Proceedings
Drafting of national defined parameters for Eurocode 8 – Part3, Assessment and retrofitting of buildingsDumova-Jovanoska, E; Necevska-Cvetanovska, G; Apostolska, R; Churilov, S2011Proceedings
Еxperimental evaluation of in-plane shear behaviour of unreinforced and strengthened brick masonry wallsChurilov, S; Dumova-Jovanoska, E2011Proceedings
FEM updating of existing structures based on ambient vibration measurementsDumova-Jovanoska, E; Markovski, G; Churilov, S2011Proceedings
Pedestrian bridge on Lake Matka, Partikov M, Popovski D, Cvetanovski P.pdf.jpgPedestrian bridge on Lake MatkaMile Partikov; Denis Popovski; Petar Cvetanovski2011Proceeding article
The influence of descent of the bearing on composite continuous beams, Popovski D, Cvetanovski P, Partikov M.pdf.jpgThe influence of descent of the bearing on composite continuous beamsDenis Popovski; Petar Cvetanovski; Mile Partikov2011Proceeding article
ERMR System – an Useful Tool In Defining of Technology for ExcavationJovanovski Milorad, Pancovska Z.V, Peshevski Igor2011Journal Article
„Изработка на засеци при пробивање на патишта со примена на дупчечко -минерски работи“Дамбов Р., Мијоски Г., Каранакова-Стефановска Р.2011Article
Rockfall hazard assessment for access road to dam “Sveta Petka” using rockfall hazard rating system (RHRS)Peševski I, Jovanovski M, Guy M, O’Hare N2011Journal Article
„Recommendations for achievement of longitudinal roughness of pavement surface on the highway“Mijoski, G., Lepavcov, A.2011Article
„Analysis of the noise from the pavement surfaces and measures for protection“Mijoski, G., Lepavcov, A.2011Article