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Authors: Beličovska, Daniela
Pejkovski, Zlatko 
Silovska-Nikolova, Aleksandra
Beličovska, Katerina
Levkov, Vesna
Pacinovski, Nikola
Eftimova, Elena
Kratovalieva-Stanikevska, Mimi
Keywords: chicken frankfurters; pork fat; phosphate; nitrite; substitution
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje
Source: Daniela Beličovska, Zlatko Pejkovski, Aleksandra Silovska-Nikolova, Katerina Beličovska, Vesna Levkov, Nikola Painovski, Elena Evtimova, Mimi Kratovalieva-Stanikevska. (2022). Possibilities for pork fat, phosphate and nitrite replacement in chicken frankfurter production. Macedonian Journal of Animal Science 12(2), 55-64.
Journal: Macedonian Journal of Animal Science
Abstract: With the aim the possibility of total pork fat, phosphate and nitrite substitution in chicken frankfurters production to be examined, three variants of frankfurters made of chicken thighs, breasts and additives were produced: control – with pork fat, phosphate and nitrite (FPN); with vegetable oils and cochineal (OC); with vegetable oils, cochineal and paprika extract (OCP). Following parameters were investigated in all treatments of frankfurters: pH value, weight loss during heat treatment, proximate composition, phosphate content, residual nitrite content and degree of oxidation. The highest cooking loss (7.33%), during thermal processsing of frankfurters was established in variant FPN and the lowest one (6.68%) in OC. pH also was the highest (6.44) in FPN and the lowest (6.34) in OC. Moisture content ranged from 61.09% (OC), to 61.74% (FPN). Proteins were presented from 11.08% (OCP) to 11.92% (FPN), total crude lipids from 20.09% (OCP) to 22.11% (FPN), and ash from 2.73% (OCP) to 3.06% (OC). Phosphate content was reduced from 260.43 mg/100 g in control variant to 179.30 mg/100 g in OCP, or 157.30 mg/100 g in OC. Only in control variant residual nitrite (2.17 ppm) were determined, in which the initial input of nitrite was 55 ppm. Low TBA values (<0.20) indicate that lipid oxidation was almost completely prevented during the period of 42 investigated days. It can be concluded that pork fat substitution with rapeseed and sunflower oil; phosphate with combination of potato starch, caseinate and sodium citrate, and nitrite with cochineal and paprika extract in chicken frankfurters production is possible.
DOI: 10.54865/mjas22121-2055b
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