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Title: The effect of starter cultures on the length and perimeter loss in dry-cured pork loin
Authors: Aleksandra Silovska Nikolova
Keywords: dry-cured pork loin, starter culture, length loss, perimeter loss, profitable
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Knowledge - International Journal
Source: Silovska Nikolova, A. (2023). The effect of starter cultures on the length and perimeter loss in dry-cured pork loin. Knowledge - International Journal, 59(3), 207–211.
Journal: Knowledge - International Journal
Series/Report no.: 59(3);
Abstract: The research aims to determine how starter cultures affect the loss in length and perimeter in dry cured pork loin produced in combination with nitrite salt and alternative natural sources of nitrites (Swiss chard powder). The research was conducted under industrial conditions. Five groups of dry cured pork loin were produced in three iterations, namely: I group: table salt, dextrose; II group: nitrite salt, dextrose; III group: nitrite salt, dextrose and starter culture BactoFerm Rosa; IV group: table salt, dextrose, Swiss chard powder (manufacturer 1) and starter culture BactoFerm Rosa and V group: table salt, dextrose, Swiss chard powder (manufacturer 2) and starter culture BactoFerm Rosa. The length and perimeter were measured at the beginning (pork loin raw material) and at the end of the production process (dry cured pork loin finished product). The length loss in all five groups of dry cured pork loin ranges from 29.29 to 29.95%. There was a statistically significant difference (p  0.05) in length loss between the groups where starter culture was added (III, IV and V) compared to the groups where no starter culture was added (I and II). The greatest loss of perimeter during the production process of dry cured pork loin is observed in group III (24.56%), while the smallest loss in perimeter is found in group I (24.04%). The added starter culture had a statistically significant (p  0.05) effect on greater perimeter loss. The added starter culture results in a greater loss in length and perimeter, which contributes to the reduction of the production process.
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