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Title: Scale for Higher Education Teaching – Teacher-oriented or student-oriented
Authors: Shurbanovska, Orhideja 
Keywords: higher education teaching; teacher-oriented teaching; student-oriented teaching
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Belgrade
Source: Shurbanovska, O. (2018). Scale for Higher Education Teaching – Teacher-oriented or Student-oriented. Journal of Empirical studies in Psychology, Belgrade, p. 50-53.
Journal: Empirical studies in psychology
Abstract: The scale for higher education teaching – teacher-oriented or student-oriented is a self-reported questionnaire constructed to measure the perception of students regarding the teaching at the faculties they study at. The research question was: Whether the questionnaire satisfied the metric characteristics (reliability and factor analysis) which allow its use in practice. The questionnaire consists of two sub-scales: one measuring the perception of students regarding the teacher-oriented teaching and the other measuring the perception of students regarding the student-oriented teaching. All claims are evaluated on the Likert scale from 1 – I do not agree to 4 – I completely agree. An example of teacher-oriented teaching is the claim: “In class, the teacher (the assistant) is the center of knowledge, and the focus is almost exclusively on the content that is being taught.” On the other hand, an example of studentoriented teaching is the claim: “The teacher (the assistant) believes that students come with their own experiences and knowledge.” The results show that reliability of the test for the teacher centered teaching subscale is Cronbach = 0.70, of the student-centered teaching subscale is 0.95, while of the entire test is 0.87. The factor analysis differentiated the following four components: 1. Teacher-oriented or student-oriented teaching, 2. Learning outcomes, 3. Teaching strategies and 4. The environment in teaching. It means that instruments maybe used for research and practical purposes.
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