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Full Name
Shurbanovska, Orhideja
Vernacular Name
Орхидеја Шурбановска
Шурбановска, Орхидеја
Shurbanovska, O.
Шурбановска, О.
Main Affiliation
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1Boundary Flexibility and Transitions Over The Work and Family Domains: Gender and Cross-cultural DifferencesBlazhevska Stoilkovska, Biljana ; Zaharia, Daniela; Chudzicka, Agata; Shurbanovska, Orhideja ; Frichand, Ana 2016Proceeding article
2Description of the questionnaire on perceived parental acceptance–rejection (PARQ)Shurbanovska, Orhideja Dec-2018Journal Article
3Life role salience and.pdf.jpgLife role salience and subjective well-being among macedonian employees. Does family-supportive organization perception moderate this relationship?Blazhevska Stoilkovska, Biljana ; Shurbanovska, Orhideja ; Frichand, Ana ; Stojanoska Ivanova, Tatjana 2018Journal Article
4socioloska.pdf.jpgParent-child relationships in the family todayShurbanovska, Orhideja 2016Journal Article
5defektolosko pdf..pdf.jpgParental acceptance / rejection and emotional intelligence among adolescence with and without delinquent behaviourShurbanovska, Orhideja ; Kitkanj, Zoran ; Mitrovska, Natasha2017Journal Article
6EIP18-Zbornik-radova-u-celini.pdf.jpgScale for Higher Education Teaching – Teacher-oriented or student-orientedShurbanovska, Orhideja 2018Journal Article
7специфични тешкотии во учењето.pdf.jpgСпецифични тешкотии во учењето кај учениците – дислексијаШурбановска, Орхидеја 2016Journal Article