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Title: Effects of Foliar Fertilizing on the Yield of Papers Grown in Protected Spaces in Strumica Region
Authors: Marina Todor Stojanova
Igor Ivanovski
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOSR Journal of Engineering
Journal: IOSR Journal of Engineering
Abstract: The influence of foliar fertilizing with organic fertilizers on the yield of two pepper cultivars grown in protected spaces in Strumica region was examined. The experiment was set in four variants and three repetitions for each cultivar separately. The variants in the experiment were: Control (untreated); NPK+Ever green (55% organic matter, 2%w/w Mg, 2%w/w Fe, 2%w/w Zn, 2% w/w Mn, 0.5 %w/w Cu, 0.5 %w/w B); NPK+Biolinfa (34% organic matter, 3 %N, 5.80 % K2O); NPK+Oligomix (1.20 % B, 0.10 % Cu, 4 % Fe, 1.50% Mn, 0.10 % Mo, 2 % Zn). The experiment was set in 18 rows, and in each variant and repetition were included 62 plants separately. During the vegetation were made 7 foliar treatments with named before fertilizers at a concentration of 0.4%. Before setting up the experiment agrochemical analysis of the soil were made and was determined good soil fertility with available nitrogen and potassium, and medium fertility with available phosphorus. After harvesting and measuring pepper yield was determined that the foliar fertilizing had a positive influence on both analysed cultivars. In three variants treated with different foliar organic fertilizers was determined higher yield of peppers in both cultivars compared to control untreated variant. The highest yield of 64.35 t·ha-1 for bela dolga cultivar and 70.31 t·ha-1 for dora cultivar were determined in variant 2 (NPK++Ever green (55% organic matter, 2%w/w Mg, 2%w/w Fe, 2%w/w Zn, 2% w/w Mn, 0.5 %w/w Cu, 0.5 %w/w B).
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