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Novel insights in pharmacomicrobiomicsFilip Djokoski, Marija Hiljadnikova-Bajro2022
Proteomic markers in breast cancer diagnosis and treatmentFilip Djokoski, Tatjana Kadifkova Panovska, Marija Hiljadnikova-Bajro2022Journal Article
Current and future perspectives in laboratory analysis of Pituitary neuroendocrine tumorsTeodora Jovanova, Ivana Vichentijevikj , Debora Petrevska, Elena Ilievska, Marija Hiljadnikova-Bajro2022
Potential of liquid biopsy in diagnosis and monitoring of malignant invasionElena Pacheshkoska, Marija Hiljadnikova-Bajro2022
Toxicity assessment of weight loss supplements and possible interaction risk with lipid-lowering and antihypertensive drugs in HepG2 cell lineZoran Zhivikj, Lidija Petrushevska-Tozi, Nikola Geskovski, Kristina Shutevska, Tatjana Kadifkova Panovska, Marija Karapandjova, Marija Hiljadnikova Bajro, Tanja Petreska Ivanovska2022Journal Article
Biochemical markers for diagnosing and monitoring of acute pancreatitisAnel Lila, Marija Hiljadnikova-Bajro2022Journal Article
Novel laboratory biomarkers in colorectal cancer management.Marija Gegovska, Marija Hiljadnikova-Bajro2022Journal Article
Scientific potential of the salivary proteome in clinical management of Diabetes MellitusAngela Simovska, Marija Hiljadnikova-Bajro2022Journal Article
Formulation and characterization of snail slime-chitosan microparticles with herbal extracts intended for treatment of chronic woundsNestorovska, Martina; Cenova, Anastazija; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja ; Shalabalija, Dushko; Mihailova, Ljubica; Glavas Dodov, Marija 2022Article
Evaluation of antioxidant properties of herbal mixture and CBD oil for the treatment of chronic woundCenova, Anastazija; Nestorovska, Martina; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja ; Mihailova, Ljubica; Shalabalija, Dushko; Glavas Dodov, Marija 2022Article
Pharmacy students' experience during the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on their health, academic endeavors and overall perceptions-a studyNaumovski, Metodi; Dodov, Teodora; Mihailova, Ljubica; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja ; Slaveska Raicki, Renata; Glavas Dodov, Marija 2022Article
Knowledge, opinions and attitudes of the general population in the Republic of N. Macedonia about vaccines and vaccinationStojanovska, Meri; Naumovska, Zorica ; Kapedanovska Nestorovska, Aleksandra ; Grozdanova, Aleksandra ; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja 2022Article
Community pharmacy practice in Montenegro in the period January-April 2020Djurdjic, Beti; Maric, Savo; Kapedanovska Nestorovska, Aleksandra ; Naumovska, Zorica ; Glavas Dodov, Marija ; Geskovski, Nikola ; Grozdanova, Aleksandra ; Sterjev, Zoran ; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja 2022Article
Pharmacists` vaccine basic knowledge and attitudes in the RN MacedoniaKrmova, Sanda; Kapedanovska Nestorovska, Aleksandra ; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja ; Grozdanova, Aleksandra ; Naumovska, Zorica 2022Article
Role and activities of pharmacists in RN Macedonia at the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic: March-April 2020Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja ; Naumovska, Zorica ; Glavas Dodov, Marija ; Grozdanova, Aleksandra ; Sterjev, Zoran ; Geskovski, Nikola ; Kapedanovska Nestorovska, Aleksandra 2022Article
Community pharmacists in RN Macedonia at the frontline of COVID-19 pandemic beginning: March-April 2020Kapedanovska Nestorovska, Aleksandra ; Naumovska, Zorica ; Glavas Dodov, Marija ; Geskovski, Nikola ; Sterjev, Zoran ; Grozdanova, Aleksandra ; Sterjeva, Tatjana; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja 2022Article
Antibiotic dispensing and over the counter drug sale: case study in “Villa” community pharmacy in Montenegro 2019-2021Djurdjic, Beti; Milosevic, Kristina; Mudresa, Jelena; Maric, Savo; Naumovska, Zorica ; Kapedanovska Nestorovska, Aleksandra ; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja 2022Article
Evaluation of community pharmacist knowledge towards chronic obstructive pulmonary disease managementBozhinovska, Biljana; Kapedanovska Nestorovska, Aleksandra ; Naumovska, Zorica ; Patcheva, Jasminka; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja 2022Article
The ethical dilemmas in community pharmacy practice: quantitative study in MacedoniaGeorgiev, Kiril; Cvetkov, Jovan; Naumovska, Zorica ; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja ; Kapedanovska Nestorovska, Aleksandra ; Sterjeva, Tatijana2022Article
Building a draft national strategy for implementation of pharmaceutical care in patients with chronic diseases in Republic of North MacedoniaPankov, Donka; Geskovski, Nikola ; Simonoska Crcarevska, Maja ; Glavas Dodov, Marija 2022Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 103