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Title: 3d finite element analysis of tooth contact of spur gear
Authors: Mircheski, Ile 
Simonovski, Petar 
Avramov, Nikola 
Rizov, Tashko 
Keywords: spur gear, contact, stress
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Faculty of Mechanical engineering-Skopje
Conference: 5th International Conference on Power Transmission – BAPT2016 Ohrid
Abstract: In this paper a study for determination of the maximum contact stresses in the tooth contact zone among a couple of spur gear is realized by using 3d finite element analysis. The most common damages which can be seen on tooth surface are pitting and the reason for that are contact (Hertz) stresses. In this research the analytical strength calculations and virtual testing are used for obtaining a maximum contact stresses. The results obtained are compared with the value given by two approaches, the theory of Hertz and virtual testing. The obtained results are very similar which is shown graphically in the paper. Therefore, the presented method for determination of maximum contact stresses in the tooth contact zone and the 3d finite element analysis enables obtaining improved spur gear for a relatively short time and reduces price.
DOI: 187
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