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1550 CHARACTERIZATION OF ADULT MURINE PROSTATE STROMAL STEM CELL POPULATIONIvanovski, O ; Saidi, Skender ; Stavridis, Sotir ; Dohcev, S.A.; Stankov, O ; Georgiev, V; Popov, Z.I.Mar-2011Proceeding article
2Evaluation of the value of p53 protein expression in the extra-capsular extension of prostate cancerSaidi, S ; Georgiev, V; Stavridis, S ; Penev, M; Stankov, O ; Dohcev, S; Banev, S; Danilovski, D ; Ivanovski, O ; Popov, Z2011Article
3Incidence of Urinary Tract Tumours in a Two-Year Period (2010-2011) at the Institute of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Skopje, MacedoniaKostadinova-Kunovska, Slavica ; Janevska, Vesna ; Komina, Selim ; Dukova, Blagica ; Bodganovska-Todorovska, Magdalena; Domazetovski, Ivan; Labachevski, Bojan; Saidi, Skender ; Stavridis, Sotir ; Petrushevska, Gordana 2014Article
4Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy: First Single-Center Experience in the BalkansPopov, Zivko; Jankulovski, Nikola ; Stankov, Oliver ; Stavridis, Sotir ; Saidi, Skender ; Kuzmanoski, Marjan; Chipurovski, Igor; Banev, Sasho; Krstevska, Branka; Ivanovski, Ognen ; Dimitrovski, Chedomir2015Article
5Lower urinary tract reconstruction following a cystectomy: experience and results in 20 patients using the "Studer" orthotopic ileal bladder substitutionSaidi, S ; Ivanovski, O ; Petrovski, D; Kuzmanoski, M; Stavridis, S ; Banev, S; Popov, Z2008Article
6Management of Multiple Renal Arteries and Unusual Venous Anatomy During Kidney Transplant: From a Simple Technical Problem to a Graft-Saving ProcedurePopov, Zivko; Oliver Stankov ; Sotir Stavridis ; Skender Saidi ; Ognen Ivanovski ; Goce, Spasovski ; Cakalaroski, Koco; Ivanovski, NinoslavDec-2020Article
7MP-6.07: Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy: First Experience from the Balkan PeninsulaPopov, Z.; Jankulovski, N. ; Josifovski, T.; Stankov, O. ; Kuzmanoski, M.; Saidi, S. ; Stavridis, S. ; Mickovski, A.; Ivanovski, O. ; Dimitrovski, C.Nov-2008Proceeding article
8Penile Strangulation: Two Case Reports and Review of the LiteratureIvanovski, Ognen ; Stankov, Oliver ; Kuzmanoski, Marjan; Saidi, Skender ; Banev, Saso; Filipovski, Vanja; Lekovski, Ljupco; Popov, ZivkoNov-2007Article
9S128 Different approaches in buccal mucosa urethral augmentation-dorsal or ventral onlay, dorsal inlay or two stage urethroplasty?Ivanovski, O. ; Saidi, S. ; Shabani, B.; Trajkovski, D.; Djordjevic, M.Oct-2013Proceeding article
10S133 RENAL CELL CARCINOMA WITH RENAL VEIN AND INFERIOR VENA CAVAL INVOLVEMENT: SURGICAL TECHNIQUES AND OUTCOMESStavridis, S. ; Georgiev, V.; Penev, M; Stankov, O. ; Dohcev, S.; Saidi, S. ; Ivanovski, O. ; Janculev, J.; Mojsova, M.; Srceva, M. ; Popov, Z.Oct-2011Proceeding article
11S165 OUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE TREATMENT OF BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA (BPH) WITH TAMSULOSIN IN PATIENTS WITH NORMOTENSION OR ORTHOSTATIC HYPOTENSIONSaidi, S ; Stankov, O ; Dohcev, S.; Stavridis, S ; Mickovski, A; Penev, M.; Shabani, B.; Ivanovski, Ognen ; Popov, Z.Sep-2010Proceeding article
12S178 EXTRACORPOREAL SHOCKWAVE LITHOTRIPSY IN THE TREATMENT OF RENAL AND URETERAL STONES: A MULTICENTER INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE WITH SIEMENS LITHOSKOP®Penev, M.; Stefanovsky, A.; Batandjiovski, T.; Stankov, O.; Stojanoski, I.; Popovski, Z.; Dohcev, S.; Ilievski, L.; Kelepurovski, I.; Saidi, S. ; Minev, I.; Nakovski, R.; Stavridis, S. ; Krstev, T.; Doga, K.; Ivanovski, O. ; Kajevski, V.; Sabani, B.; Gjurchevski, G.; Rusaj, A.; Stojchev, S.; Janculev, J.; Batandjiovski, S.; Chipurovski, I.; Saltirov, I.; Petkova, K.Oct-2012Proceeding article
13S39 ADULT NON-OBSTRUCTING ORTHOTOPIC URETEROCELES – IS THE ENDOSCOPIC MANAGEMENT SAFE?Ivanovski, O. ; Stojovska-Jovanovska, E.; Saidi, S. ; Stavridis, S. ; Popov, Z.Oct-2011Proceeding article
14S92 PROGNOSTIC SIGNIFICANCE OF HYDRONEPHROSIS IN BLADDER CANCER TREATED BY RADICAL CYSTECTOMYSaidi, S. ; Stavridis, S. ; Ivanovski, O. ; Dohcev, S.; Stankov, O. ; Janculev, J.; Shabani, B.; Penev, M.; Georgiev, V.; Popov, Z.Oct-2011Proceeding article
15Urinary diversion: 30 years experience of a single centre in Republic of MacedoniaPopov, Z; Stavridis, A; Lekovski, Lj; Penev, M; Dohcev, S; Stankov, O ; Petrovski, D; Saidi, S ; Kuzmanoski, M; Stavridis, S ; Mickovski, A; Banev, S; Zografski, G; Janculev, J; Ivanovski, O ; Georgiev, V2007Article