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Full Name
Jovanovski -Srceva, Marija
Vernacular Name
Јовановски Срцева Марија
Марија Јовановски-Срцева
Марија Срцева
Јовановски Срцева М
Јовановски-Срцева М
М Срцева
Павловска Срцева Марија
Павловска Срцева М
М. Павловска
Павловска С. Марија
Павловска М.
Srceva-Jovanovski M
Срцева-Јовановски Марија
Срцева Јовановски Марија
Marija Jovanovski- Srceva
Jovanovski-Srceva Marija
Marija Srceva
M. Srceva Jovanovski
M Srceva- Jovanovski
Jovanovski -Srceva M
Jovanovski-Srceva M.
M Srceva
Marija J. Srceva
Marija JS.
Srceva M.
Srceva M
Srceva J. Marija
Srceva J M.
Srceva Jovanovski
Srceva-Jovanovski M
Srceva Jovanovski Marija
Srceva-Jovanovski M.
J.Srceva Marija
J Srceva M
Srceva J. Marija
Jovanovski S.M
Jovanovski S.M
Jovanovski Marija
Jovanovski S. Marija
Pavlovska M
Pavlovska M.
Pavlovska Srceva M
Pavlovska Srceva M.
Pavlovska Srceva Marija
Srceva P.M
Srceva P.Marija
Srceva Mimi
Main Affiliation
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PreviewTitleAuthor(s)Issue DateType
1ACE/ARB INHIBITORS, COVID-19 AND FALSE NEWSAntonio Georgiev; Oliver Kalpak ; Roza Dzoleva Tolevska; Jasminka Nancheva ; Marija Jovanovski Srceva ; Elizabeta Mirchevska Zogovska ; Igor Peev Oct-2020Article
2ADDUCTOR POLLICIS MUSCLE THICKNESS MEASUREMENT – A RELIABLE METHOD FOR NUTRITIONAL STATUS ASSESSMENT IN CRITICALLY ILL PATIENTSAndonovska B; Shosholceva M ; Kuzmanovska B. ; Kartalov A. ; Nikolova-Todorova Z; Andonovski A; Mishevska P; Popovski S; Trajkovska-Dzambazova V; Leshi A; Jovanovski-Srceva M. Nov-2017Article
3Anesthesia for patient with myasthenia gravis and tracheal resection undergoing thyroid surgery – what could possibly go wrong?Kokareva A; Jovanovski-Srceva M ; Gavrilovska- Brzanov A ; Tolevska N; Colanceski R 2016Article
4ANESTHETIC MANAGEMENT OF PATIENT WITH SYSTEMIC SCLERODERMA SCHEDULED FOR RIGHT LOWER LOBE RESECTION OF THE LUNGTrposka-Poposka A; Kuzmanovska B. ; Kokareva A; Naumovski F; Stojanoski, S. ; Jovanovski-Srceva, Marija Apr-2020Article
5ANKLE BLOCK AN ALTERNATIVE OF ANESTHETIC MANAGEMENT OF MYASTHENIA GRAVIS (CASE REPORT)Burmuzoska M; Jovanovski-Srceva M ; Kokareva A; Petrusheva A; Kartalov A. ; Kuzmanovska B. ; Simeonova S; Josifov ADec-2018Article
6MJA 6- 2019 Laparoscopi i gasanlyses.pdf.jpgARTERIAL BLOOD GAS ALTERATIONS IN RETROPERITONEAL AND TRANSPERITONEAL LAPAROSCOPYGavrilovska-Brzanov A. ; Shosholceva M ; Kuzmanovska B. ; Kartalov, A. ; Mojsova – Mijovska M; Jovanovski-Srceva M. ; Panovska Petrusheva A; Kokareva A; Stavridis S ; Gjorchevska E; Brzanov NMay-2019Article
7Carboxyhemoglobin and Methemoglobin as Markers of Postoperative Pulmonary ComplicationsAleksandra Gavrilovska - Brzanov ; Slaninka Miceska, Maja ; Shosholcheva, Mirjana ; Kuzmanovska, Biljana ; Kartalov, Andrijan ; Mojsova-Mijovska, Maja; Jovanovski -Srceva, Marija ; Simeonov, Risto; Brzanov, Nikola21-May-2018Article
8CHALLENGES IN DIFFICULT AIRWAY MANAGEMENT - AIRWAY MANAGEMENT IN A CASE OF PROLONGED ENLARGED THYROID GLAND (STRUMA PERMAGNA)Trposka A; Stojkovska A; Kuzmanovska B ; Kartalov A ; Jovanovski-Srceva M ; Kokareva A; Naumovski F; Cholancheski, R Dec-2018Article
9Changes of haemodynamic parametars during anesthesia induction in hypertensive patients treated with angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitorsSrceva M. ; Todorov R; Mojsova M; Kuzmanovska B ; Gavrilovska-Brzanov A ; Arsova A; Sholjakova, M 2013Article
10Clinical outcome of patients with neuromuscular disease and acute respiratory failure treated with mechanical ventilation - four years experienceKuzmanovska B. ; Kuzmanovski Igor; Kartalov A. ; Spirovska Tatjana; Srceva-Jovanovski Marija ; Durnev V. ; Panovska-Petruseva Aleksandra; Sivevski A. 2013Article
11Comparison of anesthesia management for kidney transplant-through case reportGavrilovska-Brzanov A. ; Grabner C; Mojsova – Mijovska M; Dohcev S; Panovska Petrusheva A; Jovanovski-Srceva, Marija ; Stavridis, Sotir 2019Article
12Comparison of benzodiazepines and opoides as oral premedication in pediatric anesthesiaLjupcho Donev; Mirjana Shosholcheva ; Andrijan Kartalov ; Albert Leshi; Marija Jovanovski Srceva ; Marija Toleska; Angela Trposka; Ana Stojkovska; Iskra Nedelkova; Filip Naumovski2017Article
13Correlation between CVP and MAP and influence on onset of diuresis in different hydration regimens in living donor kidney transplantationMaja Mojsova-Mijovska; Marija Jovanovski-Srceva ; Marina Temelkovska-Stevanovska; Aleksandra Panovska-Petruseva; Aleksandra Gavrilovska ; Stavridis, Sotir ; Spasovski, Goce 2015Article
14ACTA-MORHOLOGICA -2016.pdf.jpgDoes intra-abdominal pressure measurement increase the risk of urinary tract infection in critically ill patients?Gavrilovska-Brzanov Aleksandra ; Mojsova M; Kokareva A; Srceva M. ; Durnev, V ; Slaveski D; Brzanov N2016Article
15Effect of Adding Dexamethasone as a Ropivacaine Adjuvant in Ultrasound-Guided Transversus Abdominis Plane Block for Inguinal Hernia RepairKartalov, Andrijan ; Jankulovski, Nikola ; Biljana Kuzmanovska ; Milka Zdravkovska; Mirjana Shosholcheva ; Tatjana Spirovska; Aleksandra Panovska Petrusheva; Marija Tolevska; Marija Srceva ; Durnev, Vesna ; Jota, Gjorgji ; Redzep Selmani; Sivevski, Atanas 2015Article
16The Effect of Rectus Sheath Block as a Supplement of General Anesthesia on Postoperative Analgesia in Adult Patient Undergoing Umbilical Hernia RepairKartalov, Andrijan ; Jankulovski, Nikola ; Biljana Kuzmanovska ; Milka Zdravkovska; Mirjana Shosholcheva ; Marija Tolevska; Filip Naumovski; Marija Srceva ; Aleksandra Panovska Petrusheva; Rexhep Selmani; Sivevski, Atanas 2017Article
17MJA 6- 2019 Laparoscopi i gasanlyses.pdf.jpgThe effects of two thermal insulation methods on the postoperative lactate levels, shivering and patient’s thermal comfort.Kuzmanovska B. ; Kartalov, A. ; Shosholceva M ; Sholjakova, M ; Tolevska M; Srceva-Jovanovski M ; Gavrilovska-Brzanov A. May-2019Article
18ETHICS IN MEDICiNEMarija Jovanovski-Srceva Dec-2017Article
19Evaluation of Anesthesia Profile in Pediatric Patients after Inguinal Hernia Repair with Caudal Block or Local Wound InfiltrationAleksandra Gavrilovska - Brzanov ; Biljana Kuzmanovska ; Kartalov, Andrijan ; Donev, Ljupco; Leshi, Albert; Jovanovski-Srceva Marija ; Spirovska, Tatjana; Brzanov, Nikola; Simeonov, Risto15-Mar-2016Article
20Evaluation of clinical data in patients that underwent different surgical treatments for spontaneous pneumothoraxJakupi N.; Yankov G.; Stevic M.; Jovanovski-Srceva M. 1-Feb-2021Article