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Lukarski, Dushko
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Lukarski, Dusko
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1Acute Mucosal Reactions in Patients with Advanced Head and Neck Cancer Treated with Concurrent ChemoradiotherapyKrstevska, Valentina ; Lukarski, Dushko ; Zafirova Ivanovska, Beti ; Stojkovski, Igor 6-Nov-2010Proceeding article
21748-717X-5-39.pdf.jpgConcurrent radiochemotherapy in advanced hypopharyngeal cancerKrstevska, Valentina ; Stojkovski, Igor ; Lukarski, Dusko 18-May-2010Article
3Determining the Efficiency of a Commercial Belly Board Device in Reducing Small Bowel Volume in Rectal Cancer PatientsLukarski, Dushko ; Petkovska, Sonja; Angelovska, Natalija; Grozdanovska, Biljana; Mitreski, Nenad 6-Nov-2010Proceeding article
4Dosimetric Comparison of the Linear Accelerators at the University Hospital of Radiotherapy and Oncology in Skopje, MacedoniaNikolovski, Dragan; Lukarski, Dushko 19-Oct-2013Proceeding article
5Helical tomotherapy versus conventional intensity-modulated radiation therapy for primary chemoradiation in cervical cancer patients: an intraindividual comparisonMarnitz, Simone; Lukarski, Dusko ; Köhler, Christhardt; Wlodarczyk, Waldemar; Ebert, Andreas; Budach, Volker; Schneider, Achim; Stromberger, Carmen1-Oct-2011Article
6Introduction of IMRT in Macedonia: Optimizing the MLC parametersLukarski, Dushko ; Ristova, Mimoza 2012Article
7Planning study of comparison of dose in target volumes and volumes of organs at risk in patients with high grade glioma. Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy versus Three- dimensional Conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT)Stojkovski, Igor ; Poposka, Daniela; Risteski, Milan; Lukarski, Dushko ; Petreska, Bojana; Petkovska, Gordana2017Proceeding article
8Time Window Determination for Inference of Time-Varying Dynamics: Application to Cardiorespiratory InteractionLukarski, Dushko ; Ginovska, Margarita ; Spasevska, Hristina ; Stankovski Tomislav 2020Article
9Time-variability of cardiorespiratory interactionsLukarski, Dushko ; Ginovska, Margarita ; Spasevska, Hristina ; Stankovski Tomislav Jul-2020Proceeding article
10Towards a Protocol for Adaptive Dynamical Bayesian Inference: Case of Limit-Cycle OscillatorsLukarski, Dushko ; Spasevska, Hristina ; Stankovski Tomislav 14-Dec-2020Article
11Transmission Comparison for Two Different Electron Block MaterialsPetkovska, Sonja; Lukarski, Dushko ; Ginovska, Margarita 6-Nov-2010Proceeding article
12A Treatment Planning Comparison of Two Different 3D Conformal Techniques for Irradiation of Head and Neck Cancer PatientsLukarski, Dushko ; Krstevska, Valentina ; Petkovska, Sonja6-Nov-2010Proceeding article
13Treatment Planning System Commissioning of the Eclipse PBC Dose Calculation Algorithm for the Varian Clinac iX S/N 5052Lukarski, Dushko ; Nikolovski, Dragan19-Oct-2013Proceeding article
14Дози од неутрони во ходникот на бункери за линеарни акцелераториLukarski, Dushko ; Carinou, Eleftheria24-Nov-2007Proceeding article
15Подготвителни тестови за воведување на ИМРТ техниката во ИРО СкопјеLukarski, Dushko ; Petkovska, Sonja24-Nov-2007Proceeding article