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Trajanov, Dimitar
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Author:  Filiposka, Sonja

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1Ad hoc networks simulations with real 3D terrainsDzambaski, Aleksander; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Grnarov, Aksenti20-Nov-2007Proceeding article
2COMPARISON OF RECTANGULAR MATRIX MULTIPLICATION WITH AND WITHOUT BORDER CONDITIONSLameski, Petre; Mishkovski, Igor ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Djinevski, Leonid2013Proceeding article
3Effects of Clustering in Ad Hoc Networks from Network Utility Maximization AspectMirchev, Miroslav ; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Filiposka, Sonja Nov-2008Article
4Feature Ranking Based on Information Gain for Large Classification Problems with MapReduceZdravevski, Eftim ; Lameski, Petre ; Kulakov, Andrea ; Jakimovski, Boro ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar Aug-2015Article
5A Game Theoretic Approach for User Participation in Grid ProjectsMishkovski, Igor ; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Kocarev, Ljupcho7-Sep-2008Journal Article
6Link reliability analysis in ad hoc networksTrajanov, Dimitar ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Cilku, Bekim; Grnarov, Aksenti2004Proceeding article
7Parallel computation of information gain using Hadoop and MapReduceZdravevski, Eftim ; Lameski, Petre ; Kulakov, Andrea ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Jakimovski, Boro 13-Sep-2015Proceeding article
8Sampling rare events in hybrid statistical physics quantum mechanical studies of hydrophobic interactions in liquids: A gpu implementationLameski, Petre ; Pejov, Ljupčo; Djinevski, Leonid; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Filiposka, Sonja 2015Proceeding article
9Scale-free application layer implementation for ad hoc networksGramatikov, Sasho ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Grnarov, Aksenti2007Article
10Semantic Sky: A Platform for Cloud Service Integration based on Semantic Web TechnologiesJovanovik, Milos; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Stojanov, Riste ; Zdraveski, Vladimir ; Ristoski, Petar; Georgiev, Marjan; Filiposka, Sonja 5-Sep-2012Proceeding article
11Simplifying parallel implementation of algorithms on Hadoop with Pig LatinZdravevski, Eftim ; Lameski, Petre ; Kulakov, Andrea ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar 2015Proceeding article
12Terrain-aware three-dimensional radio-propagation model extension for NS-2Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar 19-Jul-2010Journal Article