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Filiposka, Sonja
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1Adoption of social networks as Web 2.0 citizen engagement tool in the local e-government contextRexhepi, Artan; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajkovik, Vladimir7-Apr-2021Article
2Analysis of Success Indicators in Online LearningIdrizi, Ermira; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajkovijk, Vladimir2-Feb-2021Article
3Bridging Online and Offline Social Networks: Multiplex AnalysisFiliposka, Sonja ; Andrej Gajduk; Tamara Dimitrova; Kocarev, Ljupco 6-May-2016Journal Article
4Community-based complex cloud data centerFiliposka, Sonja ; Juiz, CarlosFeb-2015Journal Article
5Community-based VM placement frameworkFiliposka, Sonja ; Mishev, Anastas ; Juiz, Carlos23-Oct-2015Article
6Complex Cloud DatacentersFiliposka, Sonja ; Juiz, Carlos2014Journal Article
7Cooperative method for wireless sensor network localizationStanoev, Angel; Filiposka, Sonja ; In, Visarath; Kocarev, Ljupco1-Apr-2016Article
8Current prospects towards energy-efficient top HPC systemsFiliposka, Sonja ; Mishev, Anastas ; Juiz, Carlos2016Article
9Designing a Paas Solution for Large Scale Deployment of Student ProjectsKjorveziroski, Vojdan; Filiposka, Sonja ; Mishev, Anastas ; Jakimovski, Boro Nov-2018Article
10Dynamic Resource Management of Real-Time Edge Services for Intelligent Vehicular Networks: A Case StudyGilly, Katja; Filiposka, Sonja ; Alcaraz Carrasco, Salvador; Mishev, Anastas 7-Aug-2019Journal Article
11Feature Ranking Based on Information Gain for Large Classification Problems with MapReduceZdravevski, Eftim ; Lameski, Petre ; Kulakov, Andrea ; Jakimovski, Boro ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar Aug-2015Article
12Improving Service Management for Federated Resources to Support Virtual Research EnvironmentsMishev, Anastas ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Prnjat, Ognjen; Liabotis, Ioannis10-May-2018Article
13Integrated HPC Data-log Monitoring SystemMishev, Kostadin ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Mishev, Anastas 28-Jun-2016Proceeding article
14IoT Serverless Computing at the Edge: A Systematic Mapping ReviewKjorveziroski, Vojdan; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajkovikj, Vladimir Oct-2021Article
15Mobile‐aware dynamic resource management for edge computingFiliposka, Sonja ; Mishev, Anastas ; Gilly, Katja26-Apr-2019Journal Article
16Multidimensional hierarchical VM migration management for HPC cloud environmentsFiliposka, Sonja ; Mishev, Anastas ; Gilly, Katja11-Mar-2019Article
17Offloading Edge Vehicular Services in Realistic Urban EnvironmentsGilly, Katja; Mishev, Anastas ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Alcaraz, Salvador9-Jan-2020Article
18Predictive Migration Performance in Vehicular Edge Computing EnvironmentsGilly, Katja; Filiposka, Sonja ; Alcaraz, Salvador21-Jan-2021Article
19Rural Healthcare IoT Architecture Based on Low-Energy LoRaDimitrievski, Ace; Filiposka, Sonja ; Melero, Francisco José; Zdravevski, Eftim ; Lameski, Petre ; Pires, Ivan Miguel; Garcia, Nuno M; Lousado, José Paulo; Trajkovikj, Vladimir 2021Article
20Scale-free application layer implementation for ad hoc networksGramatikov, Sasho ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Grnarov, Aksenti2007Article