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The Gender Dimension of EU Enlargement: A Case Study of Macedonia as a Candidate CountryRistova -Aasterud, Karolina2017Book chapter
Gender Dimension of EU Enlargement, Macedonia as a Case Study (first page).jpg.jpgThe Gender Dimension of the EU Enlargement: A Case Study of Macedonia as a Candidate CountryRistova -Aasterud, Karolina2017Book chapter
Gene Ontology Analysis on Behalf of Improved Classification of Different Colorectal Cancer StagesSimjanoska, Monika ; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana ; Panov, Sasho 20-Nov-2015Book chapter
Genre Criticism as a Plausible Explanation.pdf.jpgGenre Criticism as a Plausible Explanation for the Prevalence of NarrativityTasevska Hadji Boshkova, Iskra 2017Book chapter
Genre Criticism, Narrativity and Memory Strategies.pdf.jpgGenre Criticism, Narrativity and Memory StrategiesTasevska Hadji Boshkova, Iskra 2018Book chapter
Genres of Popular Culture and Their Aesthetic Value.pdf.jpgGenres of Popular Culture and Their Aesthetic ValueTasevska Hadji Boshkova, Iskra 2016Book chapter
Geochemical properties of topsoil around the open coal mine and Bitola thermoelectric plant, Republic of MacedoniaTrajče Stafilov, Robert Šajn, Mila Arapčeska, Ivan Kungulovski, Jasminka Alijagić2018Book chapter
Geohazards at Surface Coal Mines Caused by Mining ActivitiesJovanovski M, Peshevski I30-Nov-2016Book chapter
Global Dwelling-Intertwining Research, Community Participation and PedagogyMadrazo, Leandro2017Book chapter
Graphene and activated graphene as adsorbents for removal of heavy metals from water resources17. K. Atkovska, P Paunovik, A. Dimitrov, K. Lisichkov, M. Alghuthaymi, A. Grozdanov2020Book chapter
Green Composites Based On Biodegradable Polymer MatricesAvella, M.; Buzarovska, A.; Errico, M.E.; Gentile, G.; Grozdanov, A.13-Jun-2009Book chapter
Heavy metals air pollution study in mines environments. Case study: Bregalnica River Basin, Republic of MacedoniaTrajče Stafilov, Biljana Balabanova, Jasminka Alijagić2016Book chapter
“Heteroskedasticity,” In: Miodrag Lovric (Editor), International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science, 1st Ed., Volume 1.Bucevska, Vesna 2010Book chapter
Hidden Champions of the Republic of MacedoniaSanta, Mijalche ; Kekenovski, LJubomir 2013Book chapter
HPLC analyses of flavanoidsMarina Stefova, Trajče Stafilov, Svetlana Kulevanova2003Book chapter
1. Nanotechnological_Basis_for_Advanced_Sensors.579-597.pdf.jpgHydrogen Economy: The Role of Nano-Scaled Support Material for Electrocatalysts Aimed for Water ElectrolysisP. Paunović, O. Popovski and A. T. Dimitrov2011Book chapter
Identifying Material Attributes for Designing Biodegradable ProductsSelim I., Lazarevska A.M., Mladenovska D., Kandikjan T., Sidorenko S.2020Book chapter
IGO's strategic frameworks and poverty alleviation in MK.pdf.jpgIGO's Strategic Frameworks and Poverty Alleviation in MacedoniaGerovska Mitev, M. 2019Book chapter
Impact of Community Structures on Ad Hoc Networks PerformancesFiliposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar 2010Book chapter
IMPACT of the ECHR on the Legal System of the Republic of Macedonia.pdf.jpgThe impact of the European Convention on Human Rights and the case law on the Republic of MacedoniaLazarova Trajkovska, Mirjana; Trajkovski, Ilo 2016Book chapter