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An Analysis of the Concepts for Organization and Arranging with Furniture of Office SpacesAziri, Zejnelabedin; Nikoljski panevski, Elena 4-Apr-2016Journal Article
Bending properties of reinforced plywood with fiberglass pre-impregnated fabricsJakimovska popovska, Violeta Dec-2019Proceeding article
Bending strength and modulus of elasticity in bending of beech and black pine plywoodJakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche 2023Proceeding article
Bibliography_of_Acad._Hans_Em.pdf.jpgBibliography of Acad. Hans EmPapazova-Anakieva, Irena ; Nacheski, Sterja ; Koljozov, Vladimir ; Simovski, Bojan Dec-2013Journal Article; Monograph
Characteristics of commercial oriented strand boards (OSB) present on the marketJakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche 2020Journal Article
Children Bedroom Furniture of Preschool period according to child developmentNikoljski panevski, Elena 2016Journal Article
Decorative values of the built in furniture in Berovo Monastery complex from the beginning of the XIX centuryNikoljski panevski, Elena ; Takovska, Elena2018Journal Article
Determination of the fiber saturation point of autochthonous and allochtonous wood speciesNacevski, Mitko ; Iliev, Borche ; Jakimovska popovska, Violeta 2019Proceeding article
Dimensional stability of multiplex plywood with mainly unidirectional grain orientationJakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche ; Nacevski, Mitko 2021Journal Article
Divergent office interior design for two different purposesNikoljski panevski, Elena ; Zejnelabedin, Aziri2017Journal Article
Impact of resin content on compressive strength and Janka hardness of composite wood-based panelsJakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche 2022Journal Article
Impact of resin content on water absorption and thickness swelling of composite wood-based panelsIliev, Borche ; Jakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Mihajlova, Julija2021Proceeding article
Impact of Veneer Layouts on Plywood Tensile StrengthJakimovska Popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche ; Zlateski, Goran 2017Journal Article
In-plane compressive strength of plywood reinforced with cotton prepregJakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche 2023Journal Article
Janka hardness of plywood reinforced with fiberglass prepregsJakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche 2022Journal Article
Janka hardness of plywood reinforced with pre-impregnated cotton fabricsJakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche 2021Proceeding article
Macedonian house from the beginning of the XIX century in VelesNikoljski panevski, Elena ; Trajkovska, Dragana2018Journal Article
Physical properties of plywood during prolonged water exposureJakimovska popovska, Violeta ; Iliev, Borche ; Mihajlova, Julija2019Proceeding article
Published Papers about Interior Design from South East Europe in the Scopus Database (1977 - 2015)Nikoljski panevski, Elena ; Petanovski Aleksandar; Spiroski Ivo9-Nov-2015Journal Article
Quality of the wooden material in outdoor furnitureNikoljski panevski, Elena ; Kanevce, Ivo2019Proceeding article