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Title: Analysis of the required dimensions in the standard EN 1729-1:2015 its connection with anthropometry of the children in growth and development
Authors: Jevtoska, Elena 
Gruevski, GJorgi 
Issue Date: 2023
Conference: 14th International Scientific Conference on Manufacturing Engineering (RIM 2023)-Development and Modernization of Manufacturing, 20th -22nd September, Sarajevo, BIH: 626-634
Abstract: Sitting position of the body is used in the performance of many daily activities and physiological needs. Most often, the sitting position is chosen when doing something that requires increased precision with the hands, while having good eye control. Therefore, the sitting position is most often used in the educational process ,during classes , while writing or drawing. Prolonged sitting in school desks can contribute to deformities of the skeleton of students if they sit on chairs inappropriate for their age. The control of the measures of the chairs is performed in accordance with the standard EN 1729-1: 2015 Furniture - Chairs and tables for educational institutions - Part: Functional dimensions. This paper will consider how the required measures and height groups in the standard are related with the anthropometry of children in growth and development . Is it necessary for a school to have chairs of all height groups to meet the needs of all students or it can be achieved with 2 or 3 different height groups of chairs.
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