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2.2. 4 Applications of Deep Learning Based Semantic Segmentation of ImagesLameski, Petre ; Zdravevski, Eftim ; Kulakov, Andrea ; Chorbev, Ivan; Trajkovikj, Vladimir2022Article
3-D Visualization and analysis of the pollution sources in the Lake OhridMitreski, Kosta ; Davchev, Dancho 19-Jun-2003Proceedings
3-D Visualization And Standardization Of GIS Elements For Pollution Monitoring Of Water ResourcesMitreski, Kosta ; Stevkovski, Stojan; Davchev, Dancho 2004Journal Article
3D simulations for wireless ad hoc networks in grid environmentFiliposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar 2010Proceeding article
4-Sets-Cut-Decoding algorithms for random codes based on quasigroupsPopovska Mitrovikj, Aleksandra ; Markovski, Smile ; Bakeva, Verica Oct-2015Article
Accelerating clustering coefficient calculations on a GPU using OPENCLDjinevski, Leonid; Mishkovski, Igor ; Trajanov, Dimitar 12-Sep-2010Proceedings
Accelerating data compression using general purpose GPUsRistovski, Kristijan; Zdraveski, Vladimir 2022Proceedings
The access database for the Zletovo mine, Republic of MacedoniaTasev, Goran; Serafimovski, Dalibor; Mitreski, Kosta 8-Jul-2018Journal Article
Achievements and results of center for digitization of the national heritage of MacedoniaAckovska, Nevena ; Jovanov, Mile ; Mihova, Marija ; Markovski, Smile 2008Journal Article
Activities of Daily Living and Environment Recognition Using Mobile Devices: A Comparative StudyFerreira, José M.; Pires, Ivan Miguel; Marques, Gonçalo; García, Nuno M.; Zdravevski, Eftim ; Lameski, Petre ; Flórez-Revuelta, Francisco; Spinsante, Susanna; Xu, Lina18-Jan-2020
Activities of daily living and environment recognition using mobile devices: a comparative studyFerreira, José M; Pires, Ivan Miguel; Marques, Gonçalo; Garcia, Nuno M; Zdravevski, Eftim ; Lameski, Petre ; Flórez-Revuelta, Francisco; Spinsante, Susanna; Xu, Lina18-Jan-2020Article
Activities of daily living with motion: A dataset with accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope data from mobile devicesPires, Ivan Miguel; Garcia, Nuno M; Zdravevski, Eftim ; Lameski, Petre Dec-2020Journal Article
Ad Hoc Network Performances for Hybrid Social NetworksFiliposka, Sonja ; Trajanov, Dimitar 25-Nov-2008Article
Ad Hoc Network Simulators FeaturesFiliposka, Sonja ; Trendafilova, I; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Grnarov, Aksenti2003Proceedings
Ad hoc networks connection availability modelingTrajanov, Dimitar ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Marija Efnuseva,; Grnarov, Aksenti4-Oct-2004Proceedings
Ad Hoc Networks Routing Protocols Efficiency With Respect To Connection AvailabilityTrajanov, Dimitar ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Cilku, Bekim; Grnarov, Aksenti16-Jun-2004Proceedings
Ad hoc networks simulations with real 3D terrainsDzambaski, Aleksander; Trajanov, Dimitar ; Filiposka, Sonja ; Grnarov, Aksenti20-Nov-2007Proceeding article
The Adaptive Tabu Search and Its Application to the Quadratic Assignment ProblemIkonomovska, Elena ; Chorbev, Ivan; Gjorgjevikj, Dejan; Mihajlov, Dragan 2006Proceedings
ADD: Academic Disciplines Detector Based on WikipediaGjorgjevikj, Ana; Mishev, Kostadin ; Trajanov, Dimitar Jan-2020Journal Article