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Common obstacles in realization of physical education teaching process in primary education in Republic of MacedoniaOrce Mitevski; Biljana Popeska; Ilija Klincarov; Goran Nikovski13-Sep-2017Proceeding article
DIFFERENT TEACHING STRATEGIES AND METHODS APPLIED AT PHE CLASSES –EXPERIENCES OF CLASSROM TEACHERSOrce Mitevski; Biljana Popeska; Katerina Mitevska Petrusheva; Snezana Jovanova Mitkovska2020Article
Motivation for academic work of student – future physical education teachersOrce Mitevski; Biljana Popeska; Katerina Mitevska PetrushevaJun-2020Article
Perspectives of students - Future natural sciences teachers regarded teacher’s role as educatorOrce Mitevski; Katerina Mitevska Petrusheva; Biljana PopeskaAug-2017Article