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Title: Common obstacles in realization of physical education teaching process in primary education in Republic of Macedonia
Authors: Orce Mitevski
Biljana Popeska
Ilija Klincarov
Goran Nikovski
Keywords: Physical education, obstacles, primary education
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2017
Publisher: FIEP
Source: Popeska, B., Klincarov, I., Mitevski, O., & Nikovski, G. (2017). Common obstacles in realization of physical education teaching process in primary education in Republic of Macedonia. In: Proceeding book of 12th FIEP European Congress Changes in Childhood and Adolescence: Current Challenges for Physical Education, 13-16 Sept 2017, Luxemburg, University of Luxemburg.
Conference: 12th FIEP European Congress
Abstract: Time spent in physical education and extra-curricular sport activities are recognized as vital for children’s education and health (White Paper on Sport, 2007). As integral part from the educational system, physical education has important role in overall child development. The role and aims of physical education could be realized only through well planned, structured and organized physical education teaching process. In this process, the persistent gap that occurs between what we want to do in PE and what is happening in practice has been and still is one of the main problems in physical education. The reasons for this situation and problems that teachers are facing with, are similar worldwide. The present study is a short review of primary physical education in Republic of Macedonia and the common obstacles that general teachers and PE subject teachers are faced with. The aim of the study is to determine the common problems in practical realization of PE teaching process as well as to determine the possible differences between opinions of general and specialized PE teachers regarded this issue. The research was realized on a sample of 65 general classroom teachers and 30 specialized physical education teachers in primary education. Teachers opinions were determined using specially designed questioner. Obtained results were analyzed using proper statistical procedures. According to the obtained results, as expected, the most common problems are noted in the lack of equipment and material facilities, while differences between two groups of teachers were noted in issues related with the implementation of the current curriculum, different conditions and priorities depending the school policy. Based on the obtained results, several recommendations for future actions are given.
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