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Todorov-Trajkovski-JSER-Vol.12-Issue-1-2.pdf.jpgEvaluation of the Language Communicational Skills of Persons With Broca’s Aphasia as a Concomitance from Cerebrovascular InsultTodorov, Ilija; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2011Journal Article
84-100-Nolcheva-Trajkovski-STRESS COPING AND SUPPORT AMONG  PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS.pdf.jpgExploratory Study: Stress, Coping and Support among Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersNolcheva, Meri; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2015Journal Article
Trajkovski,Chakalaroski,Vasilevska-Faktori asocirani so ABI-MSM-1998.pdf.jpgFactors Related to Multiple Organ System Failure in Patients with Acute Renal FailureTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Chakalaroski, Kocho; Vasilevska, Kristin1998Journal Article
Spiroski-Trajkovski-BJBMS2009.pdf.jpgFamily analysis of immunoglobulin classes and subclasses in children with autistic disorderSpiroski, Mirko ; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Trajkov, Dejan ; Petlichkovski, Aleksandar ; Efinska-Mladenovska, Olivija; Hristomanova, Slavica; Djulejic, Eli; Paneva, Meri; Bozhikov, Jadranka2009Journal Article
Functional Status of People with Autism Spectrum DisorderKoceski, Antonio; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2021Article
06218-Health condition in persons with ASD.pdf.jpgHealth Condition in Persons with Autism Spectrum DisordersTrajkovski, Vladimir 2018Journal Article
Vladimir Trajkovski Health protection of PwD in Macedonia-Zrenjanin 2015.pdf.jpgHealth protection system of persons with disabilities in Republic of MacedoniaTrajkovski, Vladimir 2015Proceeding article
Health status of people with autism spectrum disorderKoceski, Antonio; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2021Journal Article
Higher Plasma concentration of food specific antibodies-Focus on Autism.pdf.jpgHigher Plasma Cocentration of Food-Specific Antibodies in Persons with Autistic Disorder in Comparison to Their SiblingsTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Petlichkovski, Aleksandar ; Efinska-Mladenovska, Olivija; Trajkov, Dejan ; Arsov, Todor; Strezova, Ana; Ajdinski, Ljupcho; Spiroski, Mirko 2008Journal Article
How to establish electronic, scholarly, open access and peer-reviewed journal in small countryTrajkovski, Vladimir 30-Dec-2022Article
01.(str.5-28)Vladimir-Trajkovski.pdf.jpgHow to select appropriate statistical test in scientific articlesTrajkovski, Vladimir 2016Journal Article
Trajkovski-Pedijatriska shkola-Split-2016.pdf.jpgImmunogenetic aspects of autism spectrum disordersTrajkovski, Vladimir 2016Journal Article
Troshanska,Trajkovski,Jurtoski,Preece-THE_IMPACT_OF_ASD_ON_MACEDONIAN_FAMILIES_AND_THEIR_EXPERIENCE_OF_PARENT_EDUCATION-pages-1-12(1).pdf.jpgThe impact of ASD on Macedonian families and their experience of parent educationTroshanska, Jasmina; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Jurtoski, Filip; Preece, David2019Journal Article
The importance of cancer prevention policies to inform and guide preventative and screening measures for people with intellectual disabilities: The COST project "Cancer- Understanding Prevention in Intellectual Disabilities"Vukovic, Vladimir; Banda, Amina; Carneiro, Lara; Dogan, Soner; Knapp, Peter; McMahon, Martin; Milutinovic, Dragana; Soylar, Pinar; Sykes, Kate; Tosun, Betul; Yava, Ayla; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Wells, John; Cuypers, Maarten9-Nov-2023Journal Article
The importance of early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder for adequate treatment and rehabilitation in MacedoniaPetrusheva, Tea; Trajkovski, Vladimir 8-Sep-2022Journal Article
Trajkovski V, Stancheska T..pdf.jpgThe inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorders in the region of Southwest MacedoniaTrajkovski, Vladimir ; Stancheska, Tamara2019Proceeding article
5-12-Vladimir Trajkovski- Predgovor-Editorial.pdf.jpgJournal of Special Education and Rehabilitation from Scientific Periphery to Relevant Scientific JournalTrajkovski, Vladimir 2015Journal Article
Ljubic,Trajkovski,Tojtovska-Congenital cataract in adolescents with DS-Svet Rada 2015 DS.pdf.jpgKongenitalna katarakta kod adolescenata sa Daunovim sindromLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Tojtovska, Biljana 2015Journal Article
KONGENITALNA KATARAKTA KOD ADOLESCENTA SA DAUNOVIM SINDROMOMTojtovska, Biljana ; Ljubić, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir 2015Journal Article
Ljubic, Trajkovski, Kuturec za HRRI.pdf.jpgKorelacija epilepsije i strabizma kod dece sa cerebralnom paralizomLjubic, Antonela; Trajkovski, Vladimir ; Kuturec, M; Damjanovska, Ljubinka2008Journal Article