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Approach/avoidance personality traits as predictors of psychopathology in convicted offendersNaumova, Katerina ; Kitkanj, Zoran 2018Journal Article
defektolosko pdf..pdf.jpgParental acceptance / rejection and emotional intelligence among adolescence with and without delinquent behaviourShurbanovska, Orhideja ; Kitkanj, Zoran ; Mitrovska, Natasha2017Journal Article
Reinforcement sensitivity in reoffenders and violent offendersKitkanj, Zoran ; Naumova, Katerina 2018Journal Article
zkitkanj2009.pdf.jpgПрестапничко однесување кај малолетните сторители со посебен осврт на лицата со интелектуален дефицитКиткањ, Зоран 2009Thesis