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Pholcodine monohydrate: Crystal structure and polymorphismPetruševski, Gjorgji; Zbačnik, Marija; Kajdžanoska, Marina; Ugarkovic, Sonja; Trimčeski, Vase; Kaitner, Branko; Jovanovski, Gligor; Makreski, Petre Jul-2013
Simple and efficient method for detection of traces of rare earth elements in minerals by raman spectroscopy instrumentationMakreski, Petre ; Jovanovski*, Gligor; Runčevski, Tomče; Jaćimović, Radojko5-Dec-2011
Solid-state compatibility screening of excipients suitable for development of indapamide sustained release solid-dosage formulationAntovska, Packa; Petruševski, Gjorgji; Makreski, Petre 2013
Solid-state interaction of ibuprofen with magnesium stearate and product characterization thereofStojanovska Pecova, Monika; Geskovski, Nikola; Petrushevski, Gjorgji; Chachorovska, Marina; Krsteska, Liljana; Ugarkovic, Sonja; Makreski, Petre Aug-2020Journal Article
Solid-state transformation of the pseudopolymorphic forms of codeine phosphate hemihydrate and codeine phosphate sesquihydrate monitored by vibrational spectroscopy and thermal analysisPetruševski, Gjorgji; Ugarkovic, Sonja; Makreski, Petre May-2011
Solvatomorphism of codeine phosphate sesquihydrate—Vibrational spectroscopy and thermoanalytical characterizationPetruševski, Gjorgji; Kajdžanoska, Marina; Ugarkovic, Sonja; Micovski, Igor; Bogoeva-Gaceva, Gordana; Jovanovski, Gligor; Makreski, Petre Nov-2012
Theoretical and experimental study of the vibrational spectra of (para)symplesite and hörnesiteMakreski, Petre ; Stefov, Stefan; Pejov, Ljupčo; Jovanovski, Gligor5-Jun-2015
Theoretical and experimental study of the vibrational spectra of liroconite, Cu2Al(AsO4)(OH)4∙4H2O and bayldonite, Cu3Pb[O(AsO3OH)2(OH)2]Makreski, Petre ; Jovanovski, Stefan; Pejov, Ljupčo; Petruševski, Gjorgji; Ugarković, Sonja; Jovanovski, GligorJul-2015
Theoretical and experimental study of the vibrational spectra of sarkinite Mn2(AsO4)(OH) and adamite Zn2(AsO4)(OH)Makreski, Petre ; Jovanovski, Stefan; Pejov, Ljupco; Kloess, Gert; Hoebler, Hans-Joachim; Jovanovski, GligorSep-2013