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Causes of visual impairment.pdf.jpgCauses of visual impairment: a retrospective study in Macedonian childrenDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Tasevska, D.2020Journal Article
A child with special educational needs-familial and social challenge.pdf.jpgA child with special educational needs: familial and social challengeBogatinova, Tanja; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2014Proceeding article
comparison of the life quality of persons with acquired and inb.pdf.jpgComparison of the life quality of persons with acquired and inborn disabilityRashikj Canevska, Olivera ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2014Proceeding article
CONCERNS OF REGULAR TEACHERS ABOUT.pdf.jpgConcerns of regular teachers about inclusive education of students with disabilitiesDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Simonovska, Suzana ; Kitkanj, Zoran 2020Proceeding article
EARLY INTERVENTION OF CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES.pdf.jpgEarly intervention of children with disabilitiesJachova, Zora ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2004Journal Article
Early intervention: needs and satisfaction of parentsDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2017Presentation
HIGHER EDUCATION OF STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES.pdf.jpgHigher education of students with disabilities: a literature reviewDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2018Journal Article
implementacija na Bolonjski proces.pdf.jpgImplementation of the Bologna process at the Institute of special education and rehabilitationDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2007Journal Article
инклузивна култура во предучилишни установи.pdf.jpgInclusive culture in pre-school institutionsNovachevska, Irena; Dimchevska, Ilinka; Pavlovska, Sashka; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2011Journal Article
Inclusive education.pdf.jpgInclusive education: a question of attitudes of people with disabilitiesDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2016Journal Article
Pre-service Teachers’ and Pre-service Special Educators’ Attitudes.pdf.jpgInclusive education: Pre-service teachers’ and preservice educators’ attitudesDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2016Journal Article
ИОП за ученици со ПОП-converted.pdf.jpgIndividual Educative Plan for pupils with Special Educative NeedsChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2013Proceeding article
Zbornik na trudovi WEB (1).pdf.jpgIV International conference: Modern aspects of special education and rehabilitation of persons with disabilitiesChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Jachova, Zora 2014Proceedings
Museums- Accessibility to visitors with visual impairment.pdf.jpgMuseums: Accessibility to visitors with visual impairmentDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2017Proceeding article
Parental Involvment in educational process.pdf.jpgParental Involvement in Educational Process for Students with DisabilitiesChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2016Journal Article
PARENTS ATTITUDE INCLUSIVE EDUCATION OF  CHILDREN WITH DISABILITY.pdf.jpgParents attitude: inclusive education of children with disabilityDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2014Journal Article
Chichevska i Dimitrova-stress and support.pdf.jpgParents of children with developmental disabilities: stress and supportChichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Dimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2013Journal Article
Predshkolska inkluzija stavovi i znanje o inkluziji0001.pdf.jpgPredškolska inkluzija: stavovi i znanja o inkluzijiDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha ; Rashikj Canevska, Olivera 2014Proceeding article
PRESCHOOL CHILDREN.pdf.jpgPreschool children: attitudes toward children with disabilitiesDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela ; Chichevska Jovanova, Natasha 2018Proceeding article
03.(str.17-25)Daniela-D-Radojcic.pdf.jpgPrevalence and causes of blindness among Macedonian populationDimitrova Radojichikj, Daniela 2017Journal Article