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Association of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome with Bacteremia in Patients with SepsisGrozdanovski, Krsto ; Milenkovikj, Zvonko ; Demiri, Ilir ; Spasovska, Katerina ; Cvetanovska, Marija ; Rangelov G; Saveski V; Grozdanovska B1-Oct-2019Article
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia in a covid 19 patientOsmani Lloga A; Shopova Zh; Stevanovic, M ; Demiri I ; Pavkovic MOct-2021Article
Characteristics of pleural fluid in patients with parapneumonic effusionsPetrusevska Marinkovic, S; Kondova Topuzovska, I ; Milenkovikj, Z ; Kondov, G ; Zafirova Ivanovska, B ; Demiri, I 2016Article
Clinical and epidemiological aspects of bacterial meningitisCvetanovska, M ; Milenkovikj, Z ; Kirova-Urosevic, V; Grozdanovski, K ; Mihova S; Demiri, I ; Naunova Jovanovska D; Markovski G; Spasovska, K 2016Proceeding article
Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of patients with severe form of influenzaCvetanovska, Marija ; Milenkovikj, Zvonko ; Grozdanovski, Krsto ; Kirova Urosevic V; Demiri I ; Cvetanovski, Vlatko2016Article
Clinical and laboratory-biochemical characteristics of listeria meningoencephalitis in RMMilenkovikj, Zvonko ; Grozdanovski, Krsto ; Demiri, Ilir ; Spasovska, Katerina ; Kirova-Urosevik V; Cvetanovska, Marija 2016Proceeding article
Covid-19 and pregnancy-our experiences.Cvetanovska, Marija ; Demiri, Ilir ; Grozdanovski, Krsto ; Spasovska, Katerina ; Daneva Markova, Ana ; Stojanoska, Tatjana; Cvetanovski VlatkoDec-2021Article
Covid-19 pneumonia associated with rhabdomyolysis in patient with previous chronic therapy with statin: coincidence or realted conditions?Janeku Kartalova, Marija; Cvetanovska, Marija ; Stevanovic Milena; Demiri, Ilir ; Taseva Bogoeva Suncica; Cvetanovski, VlatkoMar-2021Article
Doxycycline-rifampin versus doxycycline-rifampingentamicin in treatment of human brucellosis.Bosilkovski, Mile ; Kirovska, Valerija; Grozdanovski, Krsto ; Vidinic, Ivan; Demiri, Ilir ; Labachevski, Nikola 2012Article
Early prognosis in patients with community-acquired severe sepsis and septic shock: analysis of 184 consecutive cases.Grozdanovski, Krsto ; Milenkovikj, Zvonko ; Demiri, Ilir ; Spasovska, Katerina ; Cvetanovska, Marija ; Kirova-Urosevic, Valerija2012Article
Efficacy of initial treatment of purulent meningitis with ceftriaxone and adjuvant dexamethasoneMilenkovikj, Z ; Kirovski, K; Kirova, V; Cvetanovska, M ; Stojovska, P; Grozdanovski, K ; Demiri, I ; Petkov, G; Sopova, Z2009Proceeding article
Epidemiology of Community-Acquired Sepsis in Adult Patients: A Six Year Observational StudyGrozdanovski, Krsto ; Milenkovikj, Zvonko ; Demiri, Ilir ; Spasovska, Katerina ; Cvetanovska, Marija ; Saveski V; Grozdanova B1-Jul-2018Article
Evaluation of cerebro spinal fluid parameters in patients with bacterail menigitisKirova-Urosevic, V; Milenkovikj, Z ; Cvetanovska, M ; Grozdanovski, K ; Mihova, S; Demiri, I ; Naunova Jovanovska, D; Markovski, G; Spasovska, K 2016Proceeding article
Factors Associated with Lethal Outcome in Patients with Severe Form of InfluenzaCvetanovska, Marija ; Milenkovikj, Zvonko ; Kirova Uroshevik, Valerija; Demiri, Ilir ; Cvetanovski, Vlatko1-Nov-2016Article
Herpetic encephalitis - А case report.Spasovska, K ; Milenkovikj, Z ; Grozdanovski, K ; Demiri, I ; Urosevic K., V; Cvetanovska, M 2016Proceeding article
Impact of inflammatory parameters on the outcome in patients with sepsis.Demiri, I ; Grozdanovski, K ; Milenkovikj, Z ; Spasovska, K ; Kirova-Urosevic, V; Cvetanovska, M 2016Proceeding article
The Impact of Pneumonia on the Course and Outcome in Patients with Seasonal InfluzenzaCvetanovska, Marija ; Milenkovikj, Zvonko ; Grozdanovski, Krsto ; Demiri, Ilir ; Spasovska, Katerina ; Cvetanovski, Vlatko1-Sep-2020Article
Insight in the Current Progress in the Largest Clinical Trials for Covid-19 Drug Management (As of January 2021)Panovska Stavridis, Irina ; Ridova Nevenka; Stojanoska, Tatjana; Demiri, Ilir ; Stevanovic, Milena; Stojanovska, Simona; Ristevska, Tara; Dimkovski, Aleksandar; Filipce, Venko ; Dimovski, Aleksandar ; Grozdanova, Aleksandra 23-Apr-2021Article
Lysteria meningoencephalitis – а case reportKirova-Urosevik V; Milenkovikj, Z ; Grozdanovski, K ; Cvetanovska, M ; Demiri, I ; Spasovska, К 2016Proceeding article
M. Epidemiological and clinical characteristics in patients with sepsis.Grozdanovski, Krsto ; Milenkovikj, Zvonko ; Spasovska, Katerina ; Demiri, Ilir ; Cvetanovska, Marija ; Kirova-Urosevik V2016Proceeding article