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Anaerobic threshold – definition and how testVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Klincharov, Ilija ; Aceski, Aleksandar ; Tasevski, Zikica2017Article; Journal Article
Asymmetry of anthropometric dimensions and motor efficiency of table tennis players from Macedonia competing in the super and the first leagueSaiti, Agon; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir 2014Article; Journal Article
The CaseJovanovski, Jovan ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Dalip, Мetin; Regjepagikj, А2012Article; Journal Article
Changes in the anthropometric status of the upper arm and forearm in adolescents following a six-week programmed exercises with standard and modified repetitive loadsVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Pop petrovski, Vancho 2013Article; Journal Article
Changes of the maximum strength potential of elbow flexors in 3 groups of subjects after 3 weeks of exercises with modified muscle contractionsVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Misovski, Andrijana ; Aceski, Aleksandar Jun-2016Article; Journal Article; Proceeding article; Proceedings
Changes of the strength muscular potential of the elbow flexors following a six-week experimental procedure in a group of respondents performing shortened amplitudes in conditions when muscles handle external loadsVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Aceski, Aleksandar Jun-2015Article; Journal Article
Comparison of changes in the muscular power potential of elbow flexors after a six-week experimental procedure with two groups of subjects working according to the standard load method and the greatest muscle load methodVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Saiti, A2014Article; Journal Article
Could you make a program for basic preparation for me?Vuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Nedelkovski, Vlatko Jun-2015Journal Article
Differences in the estimation of the maximum oxygen consumption between 3 tests: Cooper test, The Multistage fitness test (shuttle run) and Polar fitness test (heart rate based)Jovanovski, Jovan ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski Ivan,21-Jun-2006Article; Journal Article
Effect of four week program for improving basic endurance implemented on students from Faculty for physical educationVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan 2005Article; Journal Article
Endurance training control by monitoring heart rateVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Dalip, Metin ; Kechovski Blagoja,; Jovanovski Ivan,; Abdi Orhan,Jun-2008Article; Journal Article
Fitness preparation as a scientific-professional application in sportsJovanovski, Jovan ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir 2007Article
Karate within the special olympics athletesKurtovikj Nazim,; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Redzepagikj Agan,; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir 2009Article; Journal Article
Physical education curriculum and fundamental motor skills performance level in Macedonian school childrenKlincharov, Ilija ; Aceski, Aleksandar ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir 2019Proceedings
Promene maksimalne snage kod fleksora zgloba lakta posle šest nedeljnog vežbanja sa skraćenim amplitudamaVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan May-2010Article; Journal Article
Relation between the standing vertical jump (Abalak test), standing long jump, and squat jump 2 legs 5 jumps (optojump) tests for assessment of the explosive strength of legsVuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Klincarov, Ilija; Starc, Gregor; Sejkeroski, MihailoJun-2016Proceeding article
SELF-ASSESSMENT AMONG SKI INSTRUCTORS WITH DIFFERENT LEVELS OF BASIC ALPINE SKIING SKILLSKlincharov, Ilija ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Aceski, Aleksandar ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Kiril, Naskov2020Other
Tendencies in the achieving of explosive strength in first-year students at the FPE for a period of 25 yearsJovanovski, Jovan ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir 2013Article; Journal Article
Tendencies in the explosive strength of the legs within the first year students at the Faculty of Physical Education in the period from 1995 to 2006 yearJovanovski, Jovan ; Vuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Regzepagikj A.2006Article; Journal Article
What should I know before engaging in recreational activities/training?Vuksanovikj, Vladimir ; Jovanovski, Jovan ; Aceski, Aleksandar Jun-2016Journal Article