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Title: Changes of the strength muscular potential of the elbow flexors following a six-week experimental procedure in a group of respondents performing shortened amplitudes in conditions when muscles handle external loads
Authors: Vuksanovikj, Vladimir 
Jovanovski, Jovan 
Aceski, Aleksandar 
Keywords: muscular strength,
elbow flexors,
3 weeks,
individual program,
maximal load
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: Faculty of physical education sport and health, Skopje
Project: PhD Vuksanovikj
Journal: Research in Physical Education, Sport and Health
Abstract: A six week training program for improvement of strength of muscular elbow joint flexors was designed for 7 respondents in order to assess possible changes in the maximal strength. Each of the respondents worked 3 times a week, making 3 series at the Scott bench with a one hand dumbbell as an external load and one to three repetitions in each series. The program of the performed training was with individual approach. At each series, the exercises made by each respondent were changed (intensified), in terms of repetitions in one series, but not more than 3 repetitions. The respondents performed shortened muscular contractions of the elbow flexors in conditions when muscles can endure maximal external load (while showing a maximal angle of peak torque). This manner of individual approach of exercising the maximal strength in muscular flexors, contracting the muscles in angles where the muscular tissue suffers maximal external load, allows quick and efficient change of this ability and it can be applied in the areas of sport, recreation and rehabilitation.
ISSN: 1857-8152
DOI: 1857-8160
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