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Applicability of the ECGalert solutionGusev, Marjan ; Poposka, Lidija ; Guseva, EmaNov-2017Proceeding article
Application for modern energy efficient data centerIvanovska, Bisera; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan ; Jakimovski, Boro Nov-2014Proceeding article
Architecture of an electronic student services system and its implementationChorbev, Ivan; Gushev, Marjan ; Gjorgjevikj, Dejan; Madevska Bogdanova, Ana2012Proceedings
The Architecture of an ‘Ultimate’e-Assessment SystemArmenski, Goce ; Gushev, Marjan 2009Journal Article
Architecture of modern e-learning systemsArmenski, Goce ; Gushev, Marjan 2008Proceedings
Asymptotic Improvement of the Binary Gilbert-Varshamov Bound on the Code RateSpasov, Dejan ; Gusev, Marjan 2-Mar-2009Article
Challenges for development of an ECG m-Health solutionStojmenski, Aleksandar; Gushev, Marjan ; Chorbev, Ivan2016Journal Article
Challenges for development of an ECG m-Health solutionStojmenski, Aleksandar; Gushev, Marjan ; Chorbev, Ivan2016Article
Cloud computing security in business information systemsKostoska, Magdalena ; Gushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko 5-Apr-2012Journal Article
Cloud service portability opportunitiesKostoska, Magdalena ; Gushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko ; Kjiroski, Kiril2013Proceedings
Comparing Time and Frequency Domain Heart Rate Variability for Deep Learning-Based Glucose DetectionShaqiri, Ervin; Gusev, Marjan ; Poposka, Lidija ; Vavlukis, Marija ; Ahmeti, Irfan 12-Apr-2022Book chapter
Comparison of 24 h ECG Holter Monitoring with Real-time Long-term ECG Monitoring System using ECGalert Software and Savvy Single-Lead PatchLidija Poposka ; Marija Vavlukis ; Hristo Pejkov ; Marjan Gushev 5-Jan-2021Article
Computing as a new compulsory subject in the Macedonian primary schools curriculumJovanov, Mile ; Stankov, Emil ; Mihova, Marija ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan Apr-2016Proceeding article
Correlating Glucose Regulation with Lipid ProfileVishinov, Ilija; Gushev, Marjan ; Poposka, Lidija ; Vavlukis, Marija 2020Book chapter
Correlating Heart Rate Variability to Glucose LevelsShaqiri, Ervin; Gushev, Marjan ; Poposka, Lidija ; Vavlukis, Marija 24-Sep-2020Proceedings
Correlating Short-Term Heart Rate Variability and Instantaneous Blood Glucose MeasurementsVishinov, Ilija; Gushev, Marjan ; Vavlukis, Marija ; Poposka, Lidija 24-Nov-2020Proceeding article
CIIT2020_paper_43.pdf.jpgCorrelating the Cholesterol Levels to Glucose for Men and WomenIlija Vishinov; Gushev, Marjan ; Poposka, Lidija ; Vavlukis, Marija 8-May-2020Proceeding article
CPU utilization in a multitenant cloudVelkoski, Goran ; Simjanoska, Monika ; Ristov, Sashko ; Gushev, Marjan Jul-2013Article
CPU utilization while scaling resources in the CloudGushev, Marjan ; Ristov, Sashko ; Simjanoska, Monika ; Velkoski, Goran 2013Article
Creating portable TOSCA archive for iKnow university management systemKostoska, Magdalena ; Gushev, Marjan ; Chorbev, Ivan7-Sep-2014Proceedings