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Title: „Maintenance of the road infrastructure in Republic of Macedonia“
Authors: Mijoski G., Paloshi V.
Keywords: roads network, road maintenance, routine maintenance, winter maintenance, investment maintenance
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Conference: The First Albanian Congress on Roads – Tirana IX-2012, Book of Procedings, pp. 284 – 292, Republic of Albania
Abstract: Maintenance of roads represents a complicated engineering - economic task, which presents a complex of measures taken for providing normal exploitation, safety on the road transport and preserving the value of the road network and the equipment. After building the road and its release in exploitation, there are two major synergistic factors destroying the road, those are traffic overload and environmental impacts. The ways and methods of maintaining roads are often according to state policy depending on financial opportunities. Maintenance of roads is very specific from technical and economical aspect, which impacts the organization and technology. There is a total of 13.940 km road network in Republic of Macedonia from which 911 km are national (from which 251 km highway and 660 km national roads) and 3.771 km regional roads, that sums up to 4.682 km, while the other part of 9.258 km are local roads. We can conclude that road network compared with the other infrastructural traffic systems (ex. railway, water and air traffic), represents the most developed traffic system.
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