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H20_SCAPES. Agro, Urbe, NaturaBajkovski, B., Tornatora, M.2022Book
Historic City protection vs Resilient City transformationSiljanoska, Jasmina ; Andonova, ElenaJul-2022Proceeding article
ImagesBakalchev, V., Tasic, S., Bakalchev, M.2018Article
Implementing Construction Experience into Sustainable Design Management for Improvement of the Design PhaseZinoski, M., Petrovski, A., Zileska-Pancovska, V., Blazevska-Stoilkovska, B.Oct-2015Proceeding article
The importance of variability (flexibility) in multi-family apartment buildingsGjorgji Dimkov, Dimitar Papasterevski2021Article
Inclusive Horizontal and Exclusive Vertical: Spatial practices of exclusion and inclusion in SkopjeMarina, Ognen 2016Proceeding article
Inclusive/Exclusive citiesMarina, Ognen; Armando, Alessandro2016Proceedings
The Incremental CityBlagoja Bajkovski, Dario Giordanelli, Debora Magri2016Article
MASE_PROCEEDINGS_2017 - 1.pdf.jpgInfluence of cross-section dimensions and type of isolation on fire resistance of timber columnsMiloska, I., Cvetkovska, M., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A.2017Proceeding article
Influence of Parks and Urban Forest on the Prices of Residential Real Estate in SkopjePencic, D. and Trpkovska, A.Dec-2017Journal Article
Influence of Parks and Urban Forest on the Prices of Residential Real Estate in SkopjePenchikj, D. and Dichova, Vesna G.Jul-2021Article
Influence of the compressive strength of the concrete on CFRP strengthened RC beamAna Trombeva-Gavriloska, Marijana Lazarevska, Meri Cvetkovska2016Proceeding article
The Influence of the Thermal Conduction and Detail Development Process in ArchitectureKire Stavrov, Strahinja Trpevski, Andrijana Tasheva2023Journal Article
Inhabited Roofs, New Horizons of the Urban Fabric on the Example of the City of SkopjeBakalchev, V., Tasic, S., Hadzi-Pulja, M., Bakalchev, M.Nov-2018
AICEI 2019 -Conference proceedings Final draft.pdf.jpgInnovating the Rural: Tactics for village Renewal In the Mariovo RegionBakalchev, V., Tasic, S., Hadzi-Pulja, M., Bakalchev, M.May-2019Proceedings
PT2020 paper_Dimitar_Papasterevski_1.pdf.jpgINTEGRATION OF ARCHITECTURAL AND STRUCTURAL ASPECTS THROUGH THE DESIGN PROCESS: INDIVIDUAL RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGDimitar Papasterevski, Toni Arangjelovski2020Proceeding article
Interview: The City of Skopje through Cross-generational LensMeri Batakoja2018
THE INVERSE PERSPECTIVE AS A SYMBOLIC FORMKaranakov, Bojan ; Aleksandar, Radevski Nov-2022Article
The issue of urban public space in age of “investor urbanism”Penčić, D. and Lazarevski, S.2020Proceeding article