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Marina, Ognen
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1Cultural heritage as driver for sustainable growth - Project "ROCK"Marina, Ognen ; Ivanovska-Deskova Ana; Karanakov, Bojan ; Ivanovski, Jovan ; Lazarevska, Marijana ; Trombeva-Gavriloska, Ana Oct-2017Proceeding article
2Discovering Patterns of Urban Development in SkopjeGievska, Sonja ; Marina, Ognen ; Ilievski, Ilija2014Proceeding article
3Inclusive Horizontal and Exclusive Vertical: Spatial practices of exclusion and inclusion in SkopjeMarina, Ognen 2016Proceeding article
4Integration of urban knowledge through visibility studies and pedestrian behavior analysis in Old Bazaar in SkopjeGievska, Sonja ; Marina, Ognen ; Leduc, Thomas; Rabino, Giovanni; Karanakov, B2012Article
5New urban bridge as a socially responsible public spaceMarina, Ognen ; Trombeva, Ana G.; Karanakov, Bojan ; Samardzioska, Todorka 2010Article