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3D PrintingInformation Resources Management AssociationOct-2016Book chapter
MASE_PROCEEDINGS_2017-3.pdf.jpgAnalysis of residential buldings for collective housing, built in selected city quarter-Karposh 3Dimeska, L., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A., Cvetkovska, M.2017Proceeding article
Catalogue of citizens initiatives in Skopje: Mapping the civic societyMarina, Ognen 2015Proceedings
Challenges of semantic 3D city models: a contribution of the COST research action TU0801Rolland, B., Falquet, G., Cutting-Decelle, A-F., Zlatanova, S., Metral, C., Marina, O.2015Journal Article
COST FP1404-1.pdf.jpgChimneys’ influence on fire risk of solid wooden structures in residential buildings in rural Balkan settlementsAna Trombeva Gavriloska, Mirjana Laban, Meri Cvetkovska, Suzana Draganić2018Proceeding article
Cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth – project “ROCK"Marina, O.; Ivanovska-Deskova, A.; Karanakov, B.; Ivanovski, J.; Lazarevska, M.; Trombeva Gavriloska, Ana 2017Proceeding article
MASE_PROCEEDINGS_2017-4.pdf.jpgCultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth – project “ROCK”Marina, O., Ivanovska-Deskova, A., Karanakov, B., Ivanovski, J., Lazarevska, M., Trombeva Gavriloska, A.2017Proceeding article
mase 2015-1.pdf.jpgEnergy demand for achieving house standard as function of building envelopeCvetkovska M., Trpevski S., Andreev An., Trombeva-Gavriloska A., Lazarevska M., Papasterevski D.2015Proceeding article
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Potential Analysis of Residential Buildings according to their Architectural, Structural and Thermal CharacteristicsDimevska, L., Cvetkovska, M., Gavriloska, A.T.2019Article
Estimation of the market value of the factory damaged by fire[29] Knezevic, M., Cvetkovska, M., Lucic, D., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A., Lazarevska, M.2018Proceeding article
mase 2015-2.pdf.jpgExperimental analysis of mechanical characteristics of FRP materialsTrombeva-Gavriloska A., Cvetkovska M., Gaviloski V., Lazarevska M., Samardzioska T.2015Proceeding article
ZEMAK 2018-2.pdf.jpgEден начин на користење на топлински пумпи во инсталации со вентилатор конвектори кај објекти од постар датумТромбев, Ѓ., Тромбева-Гаврилоска, А., Андреевски, И.2018Proceeding article
COST FP1404-2.pdf.jpgFire safe use of bio-based building products in MacedoniaCvetkovska, M., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A., Jakimovska-Popovska, V.2015Proceeding article
From narratives to strategies: regeneration through urban border condition in SkopjeMarina, Ognen, Mano Velevska, Marija, Velevski, Slobodan2015Proceeding article
Global Dwelling-Intertwining Research, Community Participation and PedagogyMadrazo, Leandro2017Book chapter
Inclusive Horizontal and Exclusive Vertical: Spatial practices of exclusion and inclusion in SkopjeMarina, Ognen 2016Proceeding article
Inclusive/Exclusive citiesMarina, Ognen; Armando, Alessandro2016Proceedings
MASE_PROCEEDINGS_2017 - 1.pdf.jpgInfluence of cross-section dimensions and type of isolation on fire resistance of timber columnsMiloska, I., Cvetkovska, M., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A.2017Proceeding article
Influence of the compressive strength of the concrete on CFRP strengthened RC beamAna Trombeva-Gavriloska, Marijana Lazarevska, Meri Cvetkovska2016Proceeding article
MASE_PROCEEDINGS_2017 - 2.pdf.jpgMechanical properties of concrete with different amount of zeolite as a partial substitute for cementMateska, M., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A.2017Proceeding article