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111 тези за ГТЦZinoski, M., et al.2015Book chapter
3D PrintingInformation Resources Management AssociationOct-2016Book chapter
99FILES Balkan Brutalism #SkopjeTornatora, M., Bajkovski, B.2019Book
99FILES, OPERATIVE ATLAS_devices for the contemporary Balkan CityTornatora, M., Bajkovski, B.11-May-2020Article
99FILES, OPERATIVE ATLAS_devices for the contemporary Balkan CityBajkovski, B., Tornatora, M.11-May-2020Article
MASE_PROCEEDINGS_2017-3.pdf.jpgAnalysis of residential buldings for collective housing, built in selected city quarter-Karposh 3Dimeska, L., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A., Cvetkovska, M.2017Proceeding article
Approaching Extracurricular Activities for Teaching and Learning on Sustainable Rehabilitation of Mass Housing: Reporting from the Arena of Architectural Higher EducationDragutinovic, Anica; Milovanovic, Aleksandra; Stojanovski, Mihajlo; Damjanovska, Tea; Đordzevic, Aleksandra; Nikezic, Ana; Pottgiesser, Uta; Ivanovska Deskova, Ana; Ivanovski, Jovan 30-Jan-2023Journal Article
Architecting Nature: The Pastoral Genre in Art Museum DesignMeri Batakoja, Karin Šerman17-Jul-2023Article
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO COURSES IN AND OUT COVID-19: Adaptive processes in academic knowledge exchangeMano Velevska, Marija; Velevski, Slobodan 2022Journal Article
5082-Article Text-26239-1-10-20200614.pdf.jpgArchitectural Term: Self-SimilarityPapasterevski, D., Cenovski, F.12-Jun-2020Journal Article
Architecture as a Cultural Sustainability Factor of the Macedonian Cities. The Branding of Bitola.Hristova, Aneta2019Journal Article
The Architecture of The Post-Earthquake Renewal of SkopjeIvanovska Deskova, Ana; Ivanovski, Jovan ; Deskov, Vladimir2019Book chapter
The “Art Fortress” as a Responsible Approach Model for Regeneration of Skopje's Spatial IdentityBatakoja, Meri ; Ivanovski, Jovan ; Mickovski, Goran Oct-2020Proceedings
978-1-4438-7739-8.pdf.jpgBetween the Place and Non-Place: Architecture and Territory on the Example of SkopjeSasa Tasic, Mitko Hadzi Pulja, Minas Bakalcev1-Jul-2015Proceeding article
ttem_10_2_web.pdf.jpgThe canti-lever in the Macedonian national architecture–aspects of function, construction and materials for its aplicationDimkov, G., Papasterevski D., Petrovski A.2015Journal Article
The cantilever in the Macedonian national architecture-aspects of the function, construction and materials for its applicationGjorgji Dimkov, Dimitar Papasterevski, Aleksandar Petrovski2015Article
Catalogue of citizens initiatives in Skopje: Mapping the civic societyMarina, Ognen 2015Proceedings
Challenges of semantic 3D city models: a contribution of the COST research action TU0801Rolland, B., Falquet, G., Cutting-Decelle, A-F., Zlatanova, S., Metral, C., Marina, O.2015Journal Article
Challenges of Skopje Green City – Establishing Green Corridors Upon the Rivers Lepenec and SeravaPenchikj, D. and Hadzi Pecova, S.2018Journal Article
Challenging Disregard: The Case of the Telecommunication Center in SkopjeIvanovska Deskova, Ana; Deskov, Vladimir; Ivanovski, Jovan 2019Article