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111 тези за ГТЦZinoski, M., et al.2015Book chapter
3D PrintingInformation Resources Management AssociationOct-2016Book chapter
99FILES Balkan Brutalism #SkopjeTornatora, M., Bajkovski, B.2019Book
99FILES, OPERATIVE ATLAS_devices for the contemporary Balkan CityTornatora, M., Bajkovski, B.11-May-2020Article
99FILES, OPERATIVE ATLAS_devices for the contemporary Balkan CityBajkovski, B., Tornatora, M.11-May-2020Article
MASE_PROCEEDINGS_2017-3.pdf.jpgAnalysis of residential buldings for collective housing, built in selected city quarter-Karposh 3Dimeska, L., Trombeva-Gavriloska, A., Cvetkovska, M.2017Proceeding article
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO COURSES IN AND OUT COVID-19: Adaptive processes in academic knowledge exchangeMano Velevska, Marija; Velevski, Slobodan 2022Journal Article
5082-Article Text-26239-1-10-20200614.pdf.jpgArchitectural Term: Self-SimilarityPapasterevski, D., Cenovski, F.12-Jun-2020Journal Article
Architecture as a Cultural Sustainability Factor of the Macedonian Cities. The Branding of Bitola.Hristova, Aneta2019Journal Article
978-1-4438-7739-8.pdf.jpgBetween the Place and Non-Place: Architecture and Territory on the Example of SkopjeSasa Tasic, Mitko Hadzi Pulja, Minas Bakalcev1-Jul-2015Proceeding article
ttem_10_2_web.pdf.jpgThe canti-lever in the Macedonian national architecture–aspects of function, construction and materials for its aplicationDimkov, G., Papasterevski D., Petrovski A.2015Journal Article
The cantilever in the Macedonian national architecture-aspects of the function, construction and materials for its applicationGjorgji Dimkov, Dimitar Papasterevski, Aleksandar Petrovski2015Article
Catalogue of citizens initiatives in Skopje: Mapping the civic societyMarina, Ognen 2015Proceedings
Challenges of semantic 3D city models: a contribution of the COST research action TU0801Rolland, B., Falquet, G., Cutting-Decelle, A-F., Zlatanova, S., Metral, C., Marina, O.2015Journal Article
Challenges of Skopje Green City – Establishing Green Corridors Upon the Rivers Lepenec and SeravaPenchikj, D. and Hadzi Pecova, S.2018Journal Article
COST FP1404-1.pdf.jpgChimneys’ influence on fire risk of solid wooden structures in residential buildings in rural Balkan settlementsAna Trombeva Gavriloska, Mirjana Laban, Meri Cvetkovska, Suzana Draganić2018Proceeding article
Comparison of wooden and conventional houses sustainability: Increasing application of modified wood in R. of MacedoniaPetrovski, Aleksandar; Ivanovic-Sekularac, Jelena; Sekularac, Nenad2019Journal Article
Conceptual Interaction between Art Content and Museum Architecture in Art Museum DesignMeri Batakoja8-Jun-2015
Conceptual Interaction between Art Content and Museum Architecture in Art Museum Design (Doctoral Dissertation Summary)Meri Batakoja2015Journal Article
Constructing placesBakalchev, V., Bakalchev, M., HadziPulja, M., Tasić, S.2015Proceeding article