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Title: Scalable Dew Computing
Authors: Gusev, Marjan
Keywords: edge computing; dew computing; serverless computing; function as a service; device as a service; thing as a service
Issue Date: 22-Sep-2022
Publisher: MDPI
Journal: Applied Sciences
Abstract: Dew computing differs from the classical cloud and edge computing by bringing devices closer to the end-users and adding autonomous processing independent from the Internet, but it is still able to collaborate with other devices to exchange information on the Internet. The difference is expressed also on scalability, since edge and cloud providers can provide (almost endless) resources, and in the case of dew computing the scalability needs to be realized on the level of devices, instead of servers. In this paper, we introduce an approach to provide deviceless and thingless computing and ensure scalable dew computing. The deviceless approach allows functions to be executed on nearby devices found closer to the user, and the thingless approach goes even further, providing scalability on a low-level infrastructure that consists of multiple things, such as IoT devices. These approaches introduce the distribution of computing to other smart devices or things on a lower architectural level. Such an approach enhances the existing dew computing architectural model as a sophisticated platform for future generation IoT systems.
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