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Authors: Barbara Jurin
Boris Dorbić
Margarita Davitkovska
Emilija Friganović
Keywords: basil, peppermint, perception and attitudes, ornamental characteristics, applications
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food - Skopje
Journal: Journal of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences
Conference: 4th International Symposium for Agriculture and Food, 12-14 October 2022, Ohrid, North Macedonia
Abstract: Ocimum basilicum L. (basil) is an herbaceous annual species. For sale, basil is grown as fresh, dried, frozen or in the form of essential oils. In addition to the above-mentioned, basil is also an ornamental species that is mostly used as a potted plant or aromatic species cultivated in private gardens. The stem is herbaceous, erect and 40-60 cm in height. Flowering begins in the middle of the sixth month and lasts about two months. Mentha x piperita L. (peppermint) is an ornamental, perennial, medicinal, aromatic and honey-bearing species with a branched stem of 40 to 100 cm in height. It is used fresh, dried, or in the form of essential oils. The peppermint leaves are of dark green in colour, serrated, pointed, opposite positioned and oval in shape. The plant blooms from June to October. The paper also contains results of a survey whose goal was to investigate the perception and attitudes of respondents about the ornamental characteristics, and also the applications of different cultivars and varieties of basil and peppermint. The survey was conducted during the first half of 2022. When it comes to ornamental characteristics, respondents do prefer cultivars with a "more special" appearance of leaves and flowers. The decorative characteristics and application of basil and peppermint plants were regarded with very good marks. Maintaining the species in private gardens is mostly perceived as easy.
ISSN: 2545-4315
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