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Title: Seed germination of Calendula officinalis L. under influence of different light conditions
Authors: Svjetlana Zeljković
Ivana Kozomara
Jelena Davidović Gidas
Davitkovska, Margarita 
Zvezda Bogevska
Keywords: germination, Calendula officinalis L., morphological parameters, LED light
Issue Date: 2022
Conference: XI International Symposium on Agricultural Sciences "AgroReS 2022"
Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine germination rate and morphological characteristics of English marigold seedlings under influence of different light conditions. Seeds of Calendula officinalis L. were collected from the natural population of the Botanical garden of the University of Banja Luka. Experiment was set up in four replicates for each light treatment. Petri dishes with seeds were placed in growth chamber under artificial white (FLUO) and blue, red, and combination of blue/red (LED) light with 16h/8h photoperiod. Germination energy was tested after 7 days and germination of the seeds was tested after 14 days. Results showed significant difference in germination energy, germination rate, hypocotyl height, root length, and fresh weight. The highest average values of the germination energy and germination rate of the Calendula officinalis L. were recorded under red LED light (32%; 47%) while the lowest values were recorded under blue LED light (1%; 23%). The highest average values of hypocotyl height, root length and fresh weight were recorded also under red LED light (3,70 cm; 6,33 cm; 0,97 g) while the lowest values were recorded under combination of blue/red LED light (1,95 cm; 2,52 cm; 0,28 g). It can be concluded that the use of red LED light is recommended in the seed germination phase, not only for better germination but also for better morphological development.
ISBN: 978-99938-93-82-0
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