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Authors: Ololoska, L
Janev, Lj
Loshkovska, Suzana
Keywords: Electromagnetic field, electromagnetic influence, human model, induced electric field, SAR
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2010
Journal: Sec. Biol. Med. Sci.. MASA. XXXI
Abstract: The wide use of electric energy in every segment of everyday living demands specific attention be paid to investigations connected with biological effects from the influence of electromagnetic fields on humans and the environment. Investigations connected with electromagnetic influence assessment on human health emphasize the influences of electromagnetic fields in a wide frequency range. Here, the interest in knowing the mechanisms of these interactions and ways of determining them is obvious. The parameters and quantities that describe such influence depend on the frequency of the electromagnetic field source that underlines the importance of their appropriate definition. Induced currents and charges as well as electric field distribution, or SAR, are quantities that represent this influence. Their determination is important for the formulation of norms and standards for human protection from exposure to electromagnetic fields. In this paper, a developed procedure for the determination of electric field distribution in the human body when exposed to EMF influence is presented. Several issues emerge in the course of this, such as finding representative parameters for problem description, modeling of the incident field source, which is obvious in various forms and in a wide frequency range, modeling of the human body, which is complex in geometric aspect and has a wide range of electric characteristics in its parts, developing an appropriate calculation methodology and a suitable presentation of the results. Modeling the incident field form and the human body are in direct correlation with the calculation method developed for determining the electric field distribution. Developed methodology enables the electric field in the humans to be determined, and other parameters such as SAR to be calculated. Having those values, we can discuss the biological effects on humans from such exposure.
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