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Authors: Trenevska Blagoeva, Kalina 
Pulevska ivanovska, Lidija 
Chachorovska, Magdalena
Keywords: Cost optimization, customer care department, digital transformation, automation, digital transformation parameters, telecommunication sector
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2022
Publisher: Institute for Knowledge Management
Conference: XXXVII International Conference "The Power of Knowledge"
Abstract: There are several business models for analyzing the effects of digital transformation on the customer care sectors of telecommunications operators. They emphasize several aspects, the most important of which are user experience, cost optimization and revenue maximization. The main goal of this paper is to analyze the business model based on cost optimization. The paper also aims to present and analyze the quantitative parameters that measure the impact of digital transformation in the analyzed business model. In the paper, using the method of analysis and specialization, the various aspects of the business model for cost optimization in the customer care sectors are elaborated, presenting a model based on the use of new digital technologies. Furthermore, in the paper, using methods of analysis and specialization, the most effective parameters with which the effect of digital transformation can be measured are defined and proposed. Тhe main three potential areas for analysis in the business model based on cost optimization are: prevention of cost increase, increase of efficiency in the execution of tasks and automation. The area that has the greatest potential for a direct effect on cost optimization is automation, which is based on technologies such as robotics, virtual experts, virtual agent support and interactive voice response. Automation with robotics is of particular interest to companies today, which is why special attention is given in the paper. The second objective of the paper, which refers to proposing quantitative parameters for measuring the impact of digital transformation, is elaborated in three key areas, namely operational efficiency, customer experience and revenue maximization. To show the complete picture of the process and the progress of digitalization of business processes in the customer care department, it is necessary to analyze all three areas. Based on the research done for the purposes of this paper, it is proposed to monitor the indicators volume of calls, waiting time, call abandonment rate, average handling time, first call resolution rate, cost per call/ interaction/resolution and employee satisfaction score. In addition to operational efficiency parameters, it is recommended to monitor the parameters related to user satisfaction with the services received. Recommended indicators are Net Promoter Score, Touchpoint Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction index, and Customer Effort Score. An excellent customer experience should undoubtedly be expected to influence an increase in revenue, and for this purpose it is recommended to monitor the parameters of the churn rate, customers lifetime value and market share.
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