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Title: Micro-benchmarking NS-2 and NS-3 network simulators using terrain aware radio propagation extension
Authors: Stojanova, Sonja
Djinevski, Leonid
Mishkovski, Igor 
Filiposka, Sonja 
Trajanov, Dimitar 
Issue Date: 2013
Conference: 3nd International Conference on Internet Society Technology and Management (ICIST 2013), Conference Proceedings
Abstract: This paper presents an overview of few of the most used network simulators in academia. Also, computational performance is evaluated for a radio-wave propagation model in simulation scenarios for one of the most popular and widely used network simulators NS-2, and its new significantly different version NS-3. Additionally we present the differences between both simulators, and few major issues that need to be taken into account when porting a NS-2 model to NS-3, from a developer’s point of view. The results present a significant computational performance increase when using the NS-3 network simulator.
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