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Title: Modeling, programming and simulation of robotized workcells created for industrial and service needs
Authors: Roman Trochimczuk, Andrzej Łukaszewicz, Ryszard Szczebiot and Ile Mircheski
Keywords: workcell, robotization, programming of robots, modeling and simulation
Issue Date: 22-May-2019
Publisher: Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies Faculty of Engineering
Conference: 18th International Scientific Conference: Engineering for rural development
Abstract: The paper shows and compares the functional features of off-line software environments of selected manufacturers of industrial robots. These software used for modelling, programming and simulation of robotic workcells created for industrial and service needs, or the simulation use of robots adapted to cooperate with humans. The use of such solutions greatly improves the assessment of the safety and exploitation conditions of robotic systems in various areas and aspects of life. It gives the investor an opportunity to make an opinion on the economic and social aspects of using robots in the manufacturing and service sector, too. Such systems are becoming an important element of the so-called Industry 4.0, so you should have knowledge about them.
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