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ABA type block copolymers of poly(monobutyl itaconate) and poly(monocyclohexyl itaconate) with poly(dimethylsiloxane): Synthesis and characterizationCvetkovska, Maja; Koseva, Slobodanka; Buzarovska, Aleksandra; Baysal, Bahattin M.; Yaşar, Banu; Karal-Yılmaz, Okşan; Popovic, Ivanka G.; Katsikas, Lynne1-Mar-2000Article
Affecting Clothing Comfort by Fabric Structure VariationM. Jankoska, G. Demboski2018Article
Affecting Tearing Strength of Woven Fabrics for Tailored GarmentsG. Demboski, M. A. Carvalho and M. Nofitoska2010Article
Alkali Sensitivity of Oxy-cellulosesEmilija Toshikj, Igor Jordanov2019Proceeding article
The Analysis of The Cost of Dealing With Fabric Faults During Lays SpreadingG. Demboski, M. Nofitoska2008Proceeding article
Apple chips produced by combined drying techniquesVelickova, E.; Winkelhausen, E.; Kuzmanova, S.2011Proceeding article
Dimitrovski et al, 2015 AOM-apple juice.pdf.jpgApple juice as a medium for fermentation by the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum PCS 26 strainDimitrovski, Darko ; Velickova, Elena; Langerholc, Tomaz; Winkelhausen, Eleonora20-Feb-2015Article
Assessment of the Success of Potential Managers within an OrganizationB. Andonovic; A. Zhabevska-Zlatevski; K. Lisichkov2017Proceedings
Assessment of The Success Of Potential Managers Within An Organization And Proposals For ImprovementB. Andonovic; A. Zhabevska-Zlatevski; K. Lisichkov; A. Dimitrov2017Article
2007 MJCCE - 1.pdf.jpgBasic principles for corrosion control tips based on the electrochemical corrosion cellSvetomir Hadži Jordanov and Perica PaunovićJun-2007Article
Biodegradable poly(L-lactic acid)/TiO2 nanocomposites: Thermal properties and degradationBuzarovska, Aleksandra; Grozdanov, Anita 23-Aug-2011Article
Biofuel production by yeasts and bacteriaWinkelhausen, E.; Velickova, E.; Amartey, S.A.; Kuzmanova, S.2008Proceeding article
Biosynthesis of ethanol with new immobilized systemsJovanovic-Malinovska, R.; Velickova, E.; Kuzmanova, S.; Winkelhausen, E.; Cvetkovska, M.; Tsvetanov, Ch.2007Proceeding article
Candidate probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum strain applied to produce fermented tomato juiceDimitrovski, D.; Velickova, E.; Langerholc, T.; Winkelhausen, E.2014Proceeding article
2002 JEPE.pdf.jpgA case history of hazardous waste formed in a chemical plant accidentS.Hadzi Jordanov, P.Paunovic, D. Slavkov and A. DimitrovJan-2002Article
Characterization of Discounting Words as Powerful Factors in Determining the Quality of Cooperation Within a Working TeamAndonovic, Beti; Petkovski, Stanislav25-Jun-2013Article
Characterization of Graphene Produced by Electrolysis in Aqueous ElectrolytesA. Petrovski; A. Dimitrov,; A. Grozdanov,; B. Andonović; P. Paunović2015Book chapter
Food Science and Technology International-2013-Velickova.pdf.jpgCharacterization of multilayered and composite edible films from chitosan and beeswaxVelickova, Elena; Winkelhausen, Eleonora; Kuzmanova, Slobodanka; Moldão-Martins, Margarida; Alves, Vitor DMar-2015Article
2015 MATS ASME.pdf.jpgCharacterization of Nanoscaled TiO2 Produced by Simplified Sol–Gel Method Using Organometallic PrecursorP. Paunović, A. Grozdanov, A. Češnovar, B. Ranguelov, P. Makreski, G. Gentile, E. FidančevskaApr-2015Article
Chemical approach for enhancing electrocatalytic activity of electrode materials for hydrogen evolution: from pure metals to complex electrocatalytic systemsPerica Paunovic and Orce PopovskiJun-2008Article