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Title: On a class of n-groupoids
Authors: Janeva, Biljana
Miovska, Valentina 
Celakoska-Jordanova, Vesna
Keywords: (n,m)-operation, (n,m)-semigroup, n-groupoid, universal semigroup
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia
Journal: Proceedings of the II Congress of Math. and Inf. of Macedonia, Ohrid 2000
Conference: II Congress of Math. and Inf. of Macedonia, Ohrid 2000
Abstract: Using the notion of vector valued semigroups, i.e. (m+k,m)-semigroups, a special class of n-groupoids , named m|k-semigroups, is introduced and some examples of m|k semigroups are given. It is shown that the general associative law (GAL) for m|k-semigroups holds, and someand some consequences of GAL are obtained.A description of the universal semigroup of an m|k-semigroup is given. The notion of m|k-group is also introduced and some properties are shown.
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