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Size-adsorption related studies of four Albanian natural clays toward pesticidesIsak, Nensi; Xhaxhiu, Kledi; Hajrulai musliu, Zehra ; Uzunov, Risto ; Andoni, Adelaida; Hamiti, Xhulieta7-Oct-2022Proceedings
Menadzment nerastaJovan Bojkovski, Nemanja Zdravkovic, Slobodanka Vakanjac, Radisa Prodanovic, Sveta Arsic, Sreten Nedic, Ivan Vujanac, Branko Angjelovski, Ivan Dobrosavljevic, Ivan Pavlovic, Sonja Obrenovic9-Oct-2022Proceeding article
Virulence genes of Escherichia coli isolates from milk and vaginal swabs of sows associated with post-partum dysgalactia syndromeBranko Angjelovski, Branko Atanasov, Miroslav Kjosevski28-Sep-2022Proceedings
SUITABILITY OF THE ISO 13730:1996 METHOD FOR TOTAL PHOSPHOROUS QUANTIFICATION IN MILK AND MILK PRODUCTSNestorovski, Tome; Jovanov, Stefan; Uzunov, Risto ; Angelovska, Ana; Hajrulai musliu, Zehra ; CHrcheva - nikolovska, Radmila 22-Sep-2022Proceedings
PROPOSED CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES AS QUALITY PARAMETERS OF CHOCOLATEJovanov, Stefan; Uzunov, Risto ; Nestorovski, Tome; Hajrulai musliu, Zehra ; Stojkovski, Velimir 22-Sep-2022Proceedings
VALIDATION PROTOCOL FOR DETERMINATION OF FUMONISINS IN CORNBiljana Stojanovska-Dimzoska; Dimitrieska Stojkovikj, Elizabeta ; Hajrulai musliu, Zehra ; Uzunov, Risto ; Blagoevska, Katerina ; Angelevska, Aleksandra22-Sep-2022Proceedings
VALIDATION OF UHPLC-MS/MS METHOD AFTER MODIFIED QUECHERS SAMPLE PREPARATION FOR MONITORING OF PESTICIDE RESIDUES IN BOVINE MILK ACCORDING TO EC/2018/555Dimitrieska Stojkovikj, Elizabeta ; Angeleska, Aleksandra; Koceva, Dushica; Stojanovska Dimzoska, Biljana; Stojovikj, Goran; Ilievska, Gordana; Uzunov, Risto ; Hajrulai musliu, Zehra 22-Sep-2022Proceedings
Validation of the rapid ELISA method for determination of methyltestosterone in urine and muscle based on the new regulation (EU) 2021/808Uzunov, Risto ; Hajrulai musliu, Zehra ; Jovanov, Stefan; Dimitrieska Stojkovikj, Elizabeta ; Angeleska, Aleksandra; Stojanovska Dimzoska, Biljana; Stojkovski, Velimir 22-Sep-2022Proceeding article
WELFARE ASSESSMENT OF PIGS IN THE TIME OF SLAUGHTER - STUNNING QUALITY AS A WELFARE INDICATOREmilija Murdjeva, Branko Angjelovski, Mirko Prodanov, Miroslav Kjosevski22-Sep-2022Proceedings
GASTROINTESTINAL PARASITES OF CAPTIVE ANIMALS IN THE ZOO IN SKOPJE, NORTH MACEDONIA, 2020-2022Ljubica Rashikj; Stefanovska, Jovana ; Cvetkovikj, Iskra ; Ivana Arsovska; Vesna Levajkovikj-Trajkov; Cvetkovikj, Aleksandar 22-Sep-2022Proceedings
DETECTION OF BARTONELLA HENSELAE IN AN ASYMPTOMATIC CATIvana Arsovska; Cvetkovikj, Aleksandar ; Ljubica Rashikj; Zagorka Popova Hristovska; Dјadјovski, Igor ; Cvetkovikj, Iskra 22-Sep-2022Proceedings
PREVALENCE AND GENETIC CHARACTERIZATION OF ECHINOCOCCUS GRANULOSUS IN DOMESTIC RUMINANTS IN NORTH MACEDONIALjubica Rashikj; Cvetkovikj, Aleksandar ; Ivana Arsovska; Cvetkovikj, Iskra ; Stefanovska, Jovana 22-Sep-2022Proceedings
ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE IN STAPHYLOCOCCI ISOLATED FROM DOGS IN THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIACvetkovikj, Iskra ; Ivana Arsovska; Marija Ratkova Manovska; Prodanov, Mirko ; Ljubica Rashikj; Zagorka Popova; Dјadјovski, Igor ; Cvetkovikj, Aleksandar 22-Sep-2022Proceedings
Biosecurity assessment and critical improvement points of dairy cattle farmsMiroslav Kjosevski, Vanja Kondratenko, Branko Angjelovski, Aleksandar Janevski, Milenko Simovikj, Igor Djadjovski, Aleksandar Dodovski, Kiril Krstevski22-Sep-2022
Comparison of the two different protocols for biosecurity assessment in commercial pig farmsBranko Angjelovski ,Vanja Kondratenko, Milenko Simovikj, Jovan Bojkovski Miroslav Kjosevski22-Sep-2022
Effects of addition of Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii on multiple parameters on broiler health and productivityAleksandar Dodovski; Irena Celeska; Sandra Mojsova; Ljupco Angelovski; Miroslav KjosevskiJun-2022Proceeding article
Comparative analysis of conjugated linoleic acid content in cow, sheep and goat milkArapcheska, Mila; Tuteska, Jovanka; Hajrulai musliu, Zehra ; Uzunov, Risto 24-Oct-2019Proceeding article
Comparative analysis of fatty acids composition between grass and lucerne forageArapcheska, Mila; Tuteska, Jovanka; Hajrulai musliu, Zehra ; Uzunov, Risto 7-Nov-2019Proceeding article
Gas chromatography analysis of omega-3 fatty acids content in fish oil supplementsArapcheska, Mila; Hajrulai musliu, Zehra ; Uzunov, Risto ; Tuteska, Jovanka; Jovanovska, Vangelica12-Apr-2019Proceedings
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 203